We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

Liverpool ~ October 2006

There are twelve ancient Giants sleeping throughout the world. One of them is in Liverpool and it’s dreaming as it sleeps. It’s dreaming a dream of waking up, and everyone coming to the Liverpool Biennial is part of the Giant’s dreaming. It’s calling to us to help it awake, and the very fact that you’re reading this and I’m writing it down just goes to show that the time of the awakening is drawing near.

The story of how we are waking the sleeping Giant will evolve and grow as more and more ideas and people show up and settle in. Which means that this web site will always be in a continuous state of ebb and flow as we pull together the ideas and opinions about what we all might be doing together as we help the sleeping Giant awake at the Liverpool Biennial in October 2006. Why not be be part of the enterprise? It takes a lot of people to wake a sleeping Giant, and there’s no one way to do it. Every idea is a good one so long as it’s sincerely concerned with helping the Giant awake.

Have an idea? A deep longing to do something? Had a glimpse of what the Giant is dreaming about? Contact us at giant@territory.org


Read a short overview of We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant: This is good place to start if you want to know the general shape of the project


Read about how to join the play: In many ways it’s really quite simple: we’re putting on a play. But it’s a curious sort of play to pursue and you might need to view a clue or two to see how to do it.


Read about the Giant’s Heart: Probably a key area for waking the Giant. After the location is determined we’ll have to arrange the entrance ways, define and tend the landscape of the Heart, build a heart Transformer and a Heart Generator. Keepers of the Heart are roles that need to be fulfilled here. And don't forget about the dish receptors


Read about the Giant Room: This is the place where you can go to give something to the sleeping Giant to help it wake up.What you give might be an object, but it also could be a dance or a song, even a smile will do. Just so long as it’s a true expression of your own true self.


Read about Giantwater: Early on in October we’re planning to potentize some water from one of Giant’s chakras. Just drop a few drops of Giantwater into your personal water bottle and presto, you have a whole lot more than you did before, your own direct connection! And it’s not only just for drinking my friends, Giantwater can be very useful to you externally as well. Splash some on your face or a place for personal cleansing purposes.


Read the list of vacancies we’d like to see fulfilled: When the Giant begins to wake itself, many odd and unusual characters will surely arise and arrive on the scene. Now these guys may not be exactly normal, but they’re not abnormal, that’s the deal and given the scope and the slope of the times they might even feel more real than we are. Some may be somewhat formal in tone, like the Four Noble Truths or the Eight Confused Nobles. Some may be loose, like the tour bus guides or the skateboard gophers. And then there’s a few like the Stupababa, the two consenting adult Woobies, the Trembly and the Grand Foobah about which you can’t say too much at all (and why would you?).

Read about dream-flags and following the Giants breath: Dream-flags of many colours and shapes would help the Giant concentrate on the placement of the breath. We have a special day to encourage people to make and display dream-flags throughout the city so we can all watch the Giant breathe. We're also hoping to run a few big ones along the Giant's chi lines.


See a picture of the Giant's signature: We found this on the ground one day on our way to the Giant's Heart

Read the Giant pamphlet: This is a pdf version of the current Giant pamphlet. It’s a short, general presentation of the basic story, but you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat to view this pamphlet.

Read a bit about who we are: We call ourselves The Territory Orphans (A North American Buddhist Theatreart Company). Here’s a few words about our name and what it might imply.

Visit our other website and see pictures of our ongoing Territory Landscape installations: www.territory.org

You can e-mail us at: giant@territory.org

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