The Giantroom

The Giantroom’s an important place in the scheme of the dream the Giant is dreaming of waking up. Just what it is and what it’s for - it’s hard to say but easy to see: it’s a place of potential intimacy that you and the Giant can share. Really. The opportunity’s really right there - wherever you are at any moment, that’s where the Giant is too. So if it happens the Giantroom appears near you, why not take a moment or two and go on inside - there’s lots to do in many ways. Here’s a few to contemplate:


First of all it’s the place to go to give something to the sleeping Giant to help the Giant wake up. What you give might be an object, but it also could be a dance or a song, even a smile will do. Just so long as it’s a true expression of your own true self. So go ahead, don’t be shy, just go right in to the Giantroom and give yourself away. There’s nobody there at all but you. And the Giant of course. Just the Giant and you. With nothing else to stand inbetween. A moment of personal intimacy, or at least the opportunity.


And using the room to give yourself away to the sleeping Giant, that’s something that people will need to do. The Giant could use their support of course, that’s certainly true, but also because it’s the only way for people to pay the price of the ticket to join the play. So they gotta go in and you’ll have to as well if you want to take part in the fun. But here’s something else you can do in there, you can let the Giant give something back.


Just how that works is hard to say, depends on you, depends on the Giant, depends on the day that you two get together. Though whatever you get, it’s sure to be a part of the dream that the Giant is dreaming of waking up. So once you give yourself away to the Giant and join the play, you’ll probably want to go back in the room to receive the part of the Giant’s dream you’ll want to be acting in. Interesting... Who’d have thought? Once you give yourself away, you get to get something back.


Now here’s a third amazing thing that can happen to you in the Giantroom. After you’ve given yourself away and you’ve gotten whatever the Giant gives back, you can actually enter the Giant’s dream and explore the landscape there. Say what? How’s that? You might well ask, though it’s hard to tell the way it works, but I will say this: there may be blindfolds involved. It’s all a part of something that the Keepers of The Heart can help you do to find your way on through the back door of the Giantroom and out into the emptiness of the Giant’s dream. I can’t say more; I won’t say less.


The fourth and final thing to say: the Giantroom is really a hole. Well actually that’s not quite true, the hole itself is inside the room and the walls go all around. And here’s the strange thing: the hole that’s found when you go inside has always been there in an everyday way in the everyday world all along. Now usually it’s pretty hard for you and me to see such a hole, but luckily the Giant is dreaming of waking up. And because that’s so the Giantroom appears right there wherever it does and gives us the opportunity to see what’s always been there. Holes within wholes, so the emptiness of the Giant’s dream can slip on through to you and me and the entire city of Liverpool.


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