Joining The Play

In many ways it’s really quite simple: we’re putting on a play: We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant - that’s its name and we’d like you to come. Now this is the way that the story goes: There are twelve ancient Giants sleeping throughout the world. One of them is in Liverpool and it’s dreaming as it sleeps. It’s dreaming a dream of waking up, and all the people of Liverpool and everyone coming to visit there are part of the Giant’s dreaming. The Giant is calling to all of us to help it awake, and the very fact that you’re dreaming this now and I’m part of your dreaming just goes to show that the time of the Giant’s awakening is drawing near.. Well that’s the whole story basically, but it’s not the sort that you usually hear. There actually is a Giant you see and it really is dreaming of waking up. So this story that we’re telling you here - it’s a true story; and because it is, you and I and anyone else can join the play and become an integral part.

And once you decide to be inside the Giant’s story, it all becomes theatrical: suddenly you realize that you are part of the play already. Whatever you see, whatever you do, what you say to them, what they say to you - it’s all a part of the Giant dreaming a dream about waking up. A bit confusing? Might seem that way - dreams can be a little disturbing and hard to understand. I mean who is this Giant? Why is it sleeping? And why does it want to awake? And if you let yourself join the play would you be in the audience? Or would you be a character? Or maybe a curious plot device, some twist of fate that turns on luck or a piece of unsound advice? All very interesting questions to ponder, but if you do I’m willing to bet that you’ll never quite get to a satisfactory answer. Better to come and join in with the play and see firsthand how the story goes.


But first of all you gotta have a ticket - it’s a play after all and you’ll need to get in. Now luckily the tickets won’t be hard to find, there’ll be ticket wickets all around town and ticket tellers to sell you one. Sell, you say? Well sure! I hope you weren’t thinking the tickets were free. But hey, no problems, we’ll give you one, only here’s the thing: you’ll have to agree to pay for it some other time later on. And when that time comes it won’t involve money, you’ll have to give something to the sleeping Giant to help the Giant awake.


Paying for your ticket won’t be hard to do - there’s going to be a special place called a Giantroom where you can pay by giving away whatever it is of yours you think the Giant can use to help wake up. And if you want to I guess it’s okay to give away an object or two, but I just gotta say you might want to make it more personal - could be a smile or a dance or a song, any expression of who you are should do just fine to help the Giant’s dream along. So don’t be shy, go right ahead - give yourself away. When you go into the Giantroom you’ll find that there’s nobody there but you. And the Giant of course, just the Giant and you with nothing else to stand in the way. A moment of personal intimacy, or at least the opportunity. What you give and how you do it, that’s all between you and the Giant so there’s no special way to do it.


But that all goes on on another day: the way this works, you get your ticket right away and pay the Giant later! Hey, what a deal! It’s a real steal! I mean wow, how can you not want to take a ticket! And when you have one, here’s what you do: You take it to whichever one of the Giant’s chakras the colour is from. Blue to the Throat, orange to the Hara, green to the Giant’s Heart. And when you arrive at the proper place somebody there will stamp your ticket and give you a coloured string to wear around your wrist. Put the thing on, it’s bound to be useful in many ways. It’ll help you remember there’s a play going on - it’s all around you all the time - you can always go see it and even join in whenever you want cause you’re part of the show already. And seeing this wrist string on somebody else, it helps you recognize other guys who are joining the play as well. And if you have on a wrist string yourself they’ll see that you’re part of what’s going on too.


And once you get your ticket stamped you’ll get all the info about the events that are already known to be coming along. You’ll also find a list of roles and vacancies that need to be fulfilled. So why not join the cast yourself and help the play continue on in whatever way appeals? Still feeling shy, hey that’s okay - you don’t have to take on a starring role - there are lots of minor parts to play in whatever way that you want. And really, it’s perfectly fine just to be how you are. However you choose to join in with the play, it will surely be just another way that the Giant is seeing itself. The very fact that you wear the wrist string lets the Giant look out through your eyes.

So that’s about it for the tickets I guess and how to initially join the play. After that it’s up to you as to what you see and what you do. Shouldn’t be a problem really - there’ll be lots of projects going on to which you can lend a hand. Dream-flags and Breath Day, the four Noble Truths, the Eight Confused Nobles, numerous chakra ticket booths, guided tour busses so people can see where the Giant might be, Giantwater makers - sellers as well, there’ll be people sweeping the Giant’s body and keeping the open whole in the Heart, we’ll also be building a transformer there, a generator too and all the tubes and receptor dishes we’ll need to send out the Heart energy throughout Liverpool. And on the final day we’ll all gather together in the Giant’s heart to make the wake up call.

So joining in with the play can be done in any way that you want. And whichever way you mange to do it personally, it’s a good thing for you, it’s a good thing for me and a very good thing for the Giant too which is really the point of it all, don’t you see. So if you still aren’t exactly sure the best way to join the ongoing play, here’s what to do: just ask the Giant what the Giant needs to help it awake, then go get a friend and go out and do it.

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