A Listing of Vacancies We’d Like to See Fulfilled

1) Keepers Of The Heart: Once the location and shape of the Giant’s heart has been discovered, we’ll need Keepers Of The Heart to tend the landscape there and keep the heart open and free. The daily practice of the Keepers Of The Heart might include sweeping the energy of the chakra space, sweeping the energy of the people who visit, collecting the feelings that arise in the Giant’s heart and letting them manifest in form and motion. Keepers Of The Heart would make the space for the engineers who design and build the Heart Transformer and Heart Generator. They would also prepare the heart chakra for the final day’s awakening event. Click here to read a longer write-up about the Giant's Heart.

2) Dream-Flag Makers (and shakers): One of the ways to help the Sleeping Giant awake is to follow the Giant’s breath. Although the Giant’s breath can often be seen in the movements of leaves and fabrics, it is even more noticeable when dream-flags are in play. So we’ll need people to make and display brightly coloured dream-flags throughout the Giant’s body. We’ll bring some dream-flag material with us, but everyone should be encouraged to make their own dream-flags and put them on display. A few days before the final wake-up call there will be a special “Breath Day” and many, many dream-flags will be on display at the Giant’s throat chakra. Click here to read a longer write-up about the Dream-flags

3) Ticket sellers: Ticket sellers will move about the city, selling tickets to the play we are playing in. The tickets aren’t free, the price you pay is to give something to the Giant to help the Giant wake up. So ticket sellers go out and about telling people that the Giant is trying to wake up and inviting them to join in with the enterprise. Now there are many different types of ticket sellers, some might get up on a soap box to expound the show, others might say nothing at all, but the thing of it is, these ticket sellers are really part of the Giant’s dream about waking up (so they are actually a manifestation of the Giant itself). They are the beginning point for joining the play. Click here to read a longer write-up about joining the play.

4) Giantwater Sellers: Early on in the three week run of our play, we’ll potentize some water with the Giant’s energy. If you want to buy some Giantwater, the Giantwater Seller drops a few drops of potentized water into your personal water bottle and presto! the Giant’s energy will be passed on and your water will turn into Giantwater too. And how much does this amazing Giantwater cost you might ask? In return you gotta give something to the Giant to help the Giant wake-up. Is that a deal, or what? (Definitely what) Click here to read a longer write-up about Giantwater.

5) Giantbody Sweepers: They have a practice somewhat like the Keepers Of The Heart, except that they move throughout the Giant’s body sweeping the chi energy. Brooms will certainly be used as part of the sweeping, but flags might be useful, fans could be too, hard to say what the best tool might be until the moment arises.

6) Customs officials: most often a pair, they check passports at roving checkpoints throughout the Giant’s body. One has a red beret and stamps passports with a camel

7) Dream Receivers: work at the Dream Interpretation Centre (located at the Giant’s crown chakra). They receive and act out the Giant’s ongoing dreams

8) Morning Bellringers: They meet at the Giant’s Heart Chakra each morning; each brings a bell which they ring. Then they all move off in different directions, carrying the sound of their ringing bells out into the city. This is partly so everyone in Liverpool will have a chance to know that the Giant is dreaming of waking up, but also it lets the sound of the waking up call reverberate through the Giant’s body.

9) The Four Noble Truths: These are highly theatrical characters who personify the four essential Buddhist principles. They might be quite lordly as they move about town enacting their own personal truth.

10) The Eight Confused Nobles: These are highly theatrical characters who are the reverse personifications of the Buddhist eightfold path. Probably quite comical in a low status way, they are exactly what not to be/do. One Confused Noble might be an anti- reflection of Right Action say, and would always act out the exactly wrong way to do what needs to be done.

11) Breathday Breathers: These people place and operate dream-flags on Breath Day. They might well be part of a parade or large movement of participants that make their way though the Giant’s body following the Giant’s breath.

12) Guided tour bus operator: Drives a large cardboard bus that takes passengers around the Giant’s body, Operator explains and expounds on the many sights

13) Bus Wheelies (four per bus): They hold the bamboo poles that form the frame for the cardboard bus. Sometimes a wheely goes flat and a passenger has to take on the role.

14) Engineers for the Heart Transformer: They design and build the step-down heart energy transformer that needs to be in place in the Giant’s Heart chakra

15) Engineers for the Heart Generator: They design and build the generator that pumps out the stepped-down heart energy from the Giant’s Heart Chakra out into the city.

16) Engineers for the Train Of Thought: They design, build and drive the (mostly) cardboard train that runs without tracks through the city. The Train Of Thought carries many interconnected ideas and images, some of them as visuals, others as small theatrical presentations acted out by role-playing characters.

17) Heart tubers: They design, build and install the visible sections of the tubes that move the Giant’s heart energy throughout the city.

18) Heart dishers: They design, build and install dish receptor substations that receive the waveform heart energy being beamed out from the Giant’s heart generator

19) Gatekeepers: They are responsible for designing, building and operating the borders to each chakra. There might well be some specific actions or activities associated with entering through the gate to the Giant’s Heart, and another completely different set of actions associated with entering the Giant’s Throat, etc.

20) Skateboard gophers: They bring dispatches back and forth from Main Headquarters.

21) Giantroomers: They take the Giant’s room throughout town, setting up the fabric walls and taking them down as the occasion arises. They also help people to go inside the room to give something to the Giant to help the Giant wake up. Sometimes they enlist others to help them make the shape of the room using their bodies to hold out the fabric walls. They also might initiate special activities inside the Giantroom and interact with those who enter.

22) Two sadlies/ two happilies: A pair of characters who move about being dramatically sad in one place and dramatically happy in another. They might continue on through a more extensive pallette of emotions and entice passers-by to join in with their play.

23) Balloon Guy: The Balloon Guy arrives with a tank of helium gas and a number of large balloons. He wants to send things to the Giant to help the Giant wake up, so he attaches (fairly heavy) things to the balloon in hopes that they might fly away to the Giant. All the objects are too heavy and he’s about to give up when he realizes he can draw pictures of all the things he wants to send to the Giant. So he does and it works and the balloon flies away. Needless to say his intent is to get people to join him in his initial failures and eventual success.

24) Pain Pirates: These are highly theatrical characters who appear in parks and such from time to time with treasure chests which they bury in secret locations. At first it might appear to be a bit odd that these characters are hiding something in such a public way, but all the people in the everyday world are invisible to them. So even though the pain pirates are secretive and don’t want anyone to know where they bury the treasure, it’s not hard for us to watch them do it. We never see what’s inside their treasure chests, but we overhear them talking about the painful things that they have locked away inside. In a way they are acting out the way pain and patterns are stored in the body (in this case the Giant’s body).

25) Healing Hags: These highly theatrical characters arrive soon after the Pain Pirates have buried their loot. They dig up the treasure chest and release what’s inside. Like the pain pirates they are unable to (completely) see inhabitants of the everyday world; but they’re a bit more savvy and sense them a bit, so they put out charms and spells in an effort to deal with the uneasy situation

26) General Whobodies: rather odd and amorphous entities that are hard to pin down as to function or purpose or even species

27) Army Aunts: A cadre of women who march about and undertake things

28) Carb Uncles: A couple of guys that hang around doing not much of anything

29) The Stuppababa: This highly theatrical character is a member of a gibberish acrobatic team. He doesn’t know his part in the act in general nor the trick in particular

30) A Trembly: This highly theatrical character is a member of the same gibberish acrobatic team. She is always in the middle position of a seemingly dangerous stunt

31) Two consenting adult Woobies: These highly theatrical characters are also members of the gibberish acrobatic team. Not to be confused with wookies, these are always found in pairs whether consenting or not. If consenting they are somewhat grudging about it and sometimes a bit crazed.

32) The Grand Foobah: This highly theatrical character is the spokesperson for the gibberish acrobatic team. He does all the talking, explaining in great detail the wonderful trick that none of the team quite understands at all.

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