We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

Liverpool 2006-2012


    When we first arrived in Liverpool it seemed to us that our major task initially was to see if a Giant was sleeping there and if, indeed, it was going to wake up. As it turned out it certainly was on both accounts, so when we returned on subsequent visits we continued to gather more information about how the Giant’s awakening was beginning to unfold. Our understanding gradually grew as various pieces of the puzzle were found. Still it was hard to clearly see the Giant itself. Over our first three visits we’d collected a great deal of evidence that could only exist if a sleeping Giant was really there, but even so we just couldn’t say what it actually looked like. The Giant was so impossibly big and we were so completely small that even a glimpse of the Giant’s whole shape was difficult to achieve.

    But on our fourth visit in 2008 quite a lot happened all at once. Everything we’d experienced before abruptly shifted and came together to show us the way to directly see the Giant’s entire being. We were suddenly able to completely change our sense-of-self and experience the world from the Giant’s own scale and point of view.

    This new state of consciousness made the process of the Giant’s awakening directly accessible as an Energy Landscape. And after entering into this Landscape ourselves we now feel ready to tell you how it’s possible to make this shift and see for yourself. If you choose. But even if you don’t want to go to Liverpool to see the sleeping Giant there (or to take a part in its awakening), the simple fact that you could if you wanted to is no small thing.

    Traditionally the changing of our state of consciousness is not an easy process to study and pursue. It’s usually seen as an interior way - one we come to inwardly if we want to do the work itself. But if we enter into the Giant Story this process becomes an exterior one - it becomes a complete and entire Landscape we can enter into and travel through in a very intimate way. By taking a role in the Giant’s awakening we can directly experience the process of changing consciousness as it occurs in the world we see outside rather than one that we look for within. Things we could only sense and probe internally can now be visited externally. Transformational energies can now be seen and experienced as occurring events, allowing us to approach and interact with the process itself. Emotional blocks and residues can now be found in the world of form as actual objects. Chakras become destinations we can visit and even photograph. And we can do all this with others if we want, something that is quite impossible if we work in an internal way. In the Giant’s transformational Energy Landscape a group of individuals can approach the work of changing consciousness in a completely communal and non-individual way.

    Over the course of this work we’ve come to know that our main role in the Giant Story is to actively take part in the energy transformations that are a necessary part of the impending awakening. But we’ve also recently realized that another part of our role is to communicate the Giant’s dream of waking up to others, to present what we’ve found in a way that others can understand and experience themselves. What we’ve discovered in the Giant is a profound process that is evolutionary in nature. It is inherent in all sentient beings and becomes particularly accessible to anyone who enters into the Giant’s Story.

    This is not an easy thing to understand initially, nor is it that easy to communicate. For that reason we have written a general overview of the Giant work, and it is recommended that you read this overview first before proceeding on to the descriptions of what we discovered as we traveled along the Giant's four main Gi-chi paths.

    Maybe our work with the Sleeping Giant will excite your curiosity or remind you of something you already know. Or perhaps not. Perhaps it will seem too strange for you to entertain at all. That’s the way it is with the Giant Story - it’s not for everyone. But it might be for you, so sneak a quick peak and see if it is. And after you do, why not drop us a line and let us know what you thought about it, where you got caught and where you just had to let it go. We can be reached at: giant@wearewakingthesleepinggiant.org or at territory@territory.org

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