We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

The Third-Eye Satellite Dish ~ Aug 07, 2011


   In 2008 En and I put up wind chimes in Sweetheart Park (the special consciousness place in the Giant’s heart chakra ). As my Aug 2011 trip to Liverpool approached it seemed about time to do something similar for the Giant’s third-eye. I’d been thinking for some time that we needed a large satellite dish there to focus all the small ones we’ve put out over the year


    So I re-configured a large bamboo paper umbrella in much the same way we’d worked before with paper drink umbrellas to fashion the smaller satellite dishes. I did, however, strip off the umbrella’s paper covering so the dish would be better-suited for collecting the consciousness energy I was planning to focus. And instead of a bead I attached the top of a teasel plant for the point of focus.



    I used the teasel top because En had brought a number of them into our studio a while back and it just looked like the appropriate material to use there. When I arrived in Liverpool Gerry told me that the teasel top was often associated with the caduceus in particular and communication in general. I did some rudimentary research on the web and I found that the teasel was often used in earlier times for teasing or raising the nap on wool, and is generally considered to be a symbol for weaving and cloth making.

   I brought along a video camera to Liverpool so I could film the dish as it took its place in the Giant’s third eye chakra. I knew already where it wanted to go - up in one of the trees we used on our first visit in 2006 to make the empty yellow room on Everton Brow.
   The satellite dish survived the plane trip quite well and it was easily assembled soon after I arrived. Trouble was, most of the people I was hoping would help me put it up were out of town. Despite this looming problem I was somehow unconcerned as the list of possible people dwindled - it just seemed like everything was going to work out fine. As it turned out that was exactly the case. I connected up with Stefano two days before he was leaving town. When we got together the following day and I told him what I had in mind he immediately agreed to take part in the satellite dish installation. Ten minutes later we were out the door with camera and satellite dish in hand and walking up towards Everton Brow as if it had all been planned months ago. Maybe it had - he was clearly the one and only person for the job at hand.



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