We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

Midline Journey - June, 2010


    On June 29, 2010 Gerry and Jo and Mike and Stephano, Chris and Adele and Jack and Allen and En set off from the Giant’s heart to travel along the midline channel. Playing the role of the Keepers Of The Heart they carried a set of bamboo wind chimes down to the root, then up to the crown and back on down to the heart again. On the following day just after noon the wind chimes were hung in the walnut tree that grows in Sweetheart Park.

    The journey along the midline channel took seven hours for the Keepers to travel, but looking at things from the point of view of the Giant they were traveling through it lasted a mere seven seconds in all. Still, even so, a lot occurred: many curious objects were found, unusual sites and sounds were encountered, dreams were dreamt and stories unfolded before the Keepers returned again to their home in the Giant’s heart.

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