Traveling Along The Gi-chi Paths (Oct/2011)

    In Oct 2011, I decided it was time to travel along the Liverpool Giant’s two ascending G-chi paths again. As previously, the intent was to be on the lookout for energy symbol imprints, a phenomenon we had first noticed when we originally discovered and traveled these chakra energy paths. A full explanation as to the what and why of these energy symbol imprints is still in the works, but it might be useful to read about them in the overview of the Giant’s transformational energy system (click here to read this overview).

    Briefly stated it goes something like this: an energy pulse leaves the Giant’s root chakra and travels along the Gi-chi energy path moving upwards through the Giant’s chakras. Along the way it will (occasionally) encounter a (potentially) transformational energy element that has accumulated in one of the chakras. To continue the transformational process, this energy element needs to be combined with other transformation energies in a special location in the midline channel of another chakra. The traveling energy pulse will pick up the structural imprint of this energy element when it encounters it along the path and carry the imprint away. Left to its own devices the energy pulse would then keep circulating and eventually lose momentum, finally coming to rest still imprinted with the collected energy symbol. In this case no further energy transformation is likely to occur. But if a “special consciousness” is moving along with the energy pulse it can induce the energy pulse to leave the Gi-chi path and travel to a special midline channel location in one of the chakras. If this occurs the energy pulse will then release the collected symbolic energy imprints in this special midline location before returning to the Gi-ch path again. And the transformational energy process leading to the Giant’s awakening could then proceed.

  There are two ascending Gi-chi paths that begin in the Giant’s root chakra. I followed the westerly Gi-chi path (by myself) on Oct 7, the easterly Gi-chi path (with Sallyann) on Oct 8 and the westerly path again (with Sallyann, Venessa, Sam and Stefano) on Oct15.

    The first task was to notice when the energy pulse left the root. Then it was a question of noticing the transformational energy imprints and condensing them into emotional symbols. Then, at the proper moment, the final task was to induce the energy pulse to move away from the Gi-chi path towards the heart chakra’s transformational location in the midline channel.

   Basically, on the whole, we were taking on the role of the “special consciousness” that was required to kickstart the Giant’s transformational process. Interestingly enough all this was easy and simple to do. The energy pulse usually sets off a number of noticeable events when it’s about to leave the root, making it easy to travel along with it when it goes. And there is a strongly emotional quality to each transformational energy imprint that occurs when the pulse encounters a transformational energy element along the path. Also there are never a large number of such encounters, typically 6 to 9 along the way.
   So. Follow the links below to read about what happened last Oct as we followed an energy pulse along the Giant’s Gi-chi path.