Walking The Up-Left Path - Oct 08, 2011

Root to Throat

~~~~~~~ Root ~~~~~~~



     Sallyann and I meet together in St. James Gardens at noon to walk the Giant’s up-left path. It’s a new route for her as she has only walked the up-right path before. We walk up to the grassy platform over the spring and I ask her to see if she can locate the tiptop point. We are croaking our wooden frogs and pacing about when a young man comes down the southern ramp from street level pushing a wheelbarrow. I don’t see him right away as I am looking out over the edge of the ledge, but Sallyann does. She says later that he smiled at us as he passed, nodding his head before pushing his wheelbarrow up the northern ramp.


   I turn just in time to see him as he walks away and assume he is part of a work crew doing some landscaping in the gardens. Clearly the dispatcher, so I tell Sallyann it’s time to move on up the path as the energy pulse is leaving. We notice him on the upper level to the north as we move towards the tunnel and the path out of the gardens. Looking back on the interaction I think he was happy about the wooden frogs we were using above the spring. (Just in case the reader hasn’t read about the story of the Giant’s G-chi energy pulses and isn’t familiar with some of the terms inherent in the story, I’ve put in some hyperlinks in the text to give a brief overview of some of the terms used in this narrative).
    On the way up from the Gardens, just after coming through the tunnel we come upon two young guys, students by their look. One is taking a photo of the other on his phone, then passes it so his friend can take a picture in return They are innocent and open to the world around them, though a bit unsure of themselves. I stop and offer to take their picture standing together by the tunnel. They are pleased at the idea and pass me the phone camera. I give it to Sallyann, take out my own camera. Sallyann snaps a picture of them and I do the same. It turns out that they are students from Spain on a week-long visit to the UK. They seem happy to have a bit of contact with us locals.

Energy Symbol Imprint #1
Two young and rather innocent foreign students on a traveling adventure have their photos taken at the entrance to a sacred grove

~~~~~~~ Hara ~~~~~~~



    We walk up Upper Duke Street, then turn north on Hope and into the hara. We quickly come to Back Canning and turn east, walking past an old man at the corner where these two streets meet. I don’t really pay much attention to the man, but Sallyann is quite drawn to him and they make a connection as she passes. In retrospect he seems to me to be a bit worn in some way and not exactly sure of his path. Thinking about it now I feel that he was moving along correctly despite his unsettled, almost restless state of mind. I sense that he isn’t homeless or alcoholic, but rather is disconnected in some other way from the place that he travels through.



Energy Symbol Imprint #2
An older man, recently disconnected from his usual surroundings tries to recognize the way he should travel to successfully navigate his newly-unfolding path

    After moving down Back Canning we cross Catherine and continue east along Little St. Bride Street. We take a jog North on Bedford Street South and enter the small parkette just in along Back Sir Howard Street. This turns out to be a particularly strong place for Sallyann. The personal friendliness of space is suddenly confirmed by a small bird that flies into her personal energy field as she immerses herself in the dynamic, nature-oriented energy of the place. This place has the feeling of a sort of mini sacred grove that is right out in the open though still unnoticed by most of the city dwellers who pass by everyday without seeing it for what it is.

   Reminds me of how it used to feel in the nearby square at the corner of Sandon and Falconer Streets - not as many trees there as here, but the same energy even so. This was where En and I had dug in a bamboo spike in 2008. On our last visit in 2010 we noticed that the landscape of the square had been stuffed up somehow by recent changes in fencing and usage. We had wondered at the time where the energy had gone to. It seems to me today that it has moved along to this nearby grove. Maybe the energy was so essential that it couldn't be denied and had to pop up again somewhere nearby.


   After spending some time in the grove we walk down Back Sir Howard to the small square at Sandon and Falconer. A small, rather solid woman of East Indian descent approaches the square from the South along Sandon, walking with a rather distinguished middle-aged man of similar cultural descent. They part company, the man turning up Back Sir Howard and the woman continuing towards us. This woman is well wrapped in a sari-like garment, not stylishly, but sensibly in her own style. She commands a strong, personal presence, but not overbearingly so, but calmly confident in her bearing and manner.
   Sallyann said later that she felt very connected to her and that they shared a smile as the woman passed and continued on towards the university. We stop for a moment to look at the square before we walk after her, but are never able to gain ground on her. She is clearly a strong and focused walker despite her small size

Energy Symbol Imprint #3
A small, yet confident older woman of East Indian descent leaves her rather distinguished gentleman companion and moves energetically off towards her next social contact

~~~~~~~ Will ~~~~~~~



    We walk north along Chatham Street and soon cross Myrtle into the will. We are now in the midst of Liverpool University and expect to see students, but there is not a soul in sight despite the fact that it's nearly one in the afternoon. Maybe all the students were out and about on a wild Friday night the night before, but it still seems almost eerie as we walk through the empty campus. Just before we reach Cambridge Street we turn west into a walkway that runs behind some buildings. We soon emerge and turn North. Surprisingly the gate to Abercromby Square is locked and we are not able to stop in and spend some time there. So we quickly cross Oxford Street and proceed on into the heart.


~~~~~~~ Heart ~~~~~~~


    Still no students in evidence as we walk past the Phys Ed building and proceed through the university campus. We spend some time investigating the area of plantings and benches where an extra path branches off to the east and parallels the main route, kind of like a railroad siding. A perfect place to pick up something left by a local energy freight train, but there is nothing to find today. Soon after passing the Student Guild building we are called over by a homeless guy who is sitting in a doorstep alcove with all his belongings.

   We go over, surprised that he is able to camp out here at the centre of the University on a Saturday mid-afternoon.The guy is not old, maybe in his late twenties, but he’s had a rough life. His right hand is bruised and a bit swollen and he looks like he’s been living the street life for a good while. He has clearly been drinking the night before and is still a bit woozy. But his eyes are very blue and still have a sparkle to them, though the rest of his face is lined and craggy. He has two shopping bags next to him and a small, clear plastic zip-lock bag filled with numerous items of indeterminate identity (though small bits of cigarettes can be seen amongst the collection).


    He asks us for money. We give him a few £1 coins. This seems to be a satisfactory amount and he is encouraged to ask for cigarettes as well (which neither Sallyann or I have). He doesn’t mind about the cigarettes, just wanted to be thorough in case we had any other street necessities. He tells us that he needs the money for something to drink and derives some personal dignity from having a true story to tell us for his handout. He talks for a while in a rambling way, always gentle but unable to really get to what he wants to pass along to us - he’s not even sure himself what he wants to say. But it’s clear that he still has a strong connection to the world through an open heart, perhaps a too completely open heart which is surely the source of his life’s difficulty.
    The open-hearted joy that he is always connected to is overwhelmingly strong and impossible to bear - he must dull the force of this heart energy with alcohol. His eyes still show the intimacy of the connection. Even though it is too painful to connect to it consciously, he still knows that it is there. He wants company to share this inexpressible joy and tries to keep us from disengaging and moving away. I am almost convinced that he has nothing specific for us to carry with us to Sweetheart Park when he tells us that he writes songs. This is certainly the imprint that he must pass on to us, and after a bit of urging he sings a song that tells of the intimacy of his heart connection. We thank him and then move on along the path.

Energy Symbol Imprint #4
A homeless, alcoholic man living the hard life of the street is still intimately in touch with the open-hearted source of life and is able to sing a joyous song to the people passing by


    Sallyann and I cross Brownlow Hill and stop in at the University of Liverpool Art Gallery for tea and a pee break. It is very quiet and refined here, such a contrast in so many ways from our recent encounter with the homeless guy. The building is old and well decorated architecturally. From our shifted Giant scale perspective it is a strong energy collection organ that is not as much used for processing energy as it used to be - an important place in days gone by that is now not being used in the energy transformational process, though still well preserved and potentially useful.


    Perhaps this is just the sort of organ needed to process the overwhelming open-hearted energy that the homeless guy is wrestling with. Might be a good place to investigate further. In some ways it reminds me of the skylight-filled throat cafeteria in the basement of T.J. Hughes. Perhaps there is a whole string of such eating-resting places in the Giant’s chakras that could be useful for processing energy. Might want to organize meetings and events in such places, to find ways to reopen them and bring them back on line as part of the transformational energy process needed for the Giant’s awakening.

   After a 20 minute break we continue on through the older part of the University - north on Ashton, turning west onto Dover, following Dover to Brownlow Street. Our path goes north towards the way out to Pembroke Road but we linger here for a moment to investigate the open doorway in the wall out of the University and onto Pembroke, Denise and Great Newton Streets. An interesting glimpse into the Giant’s midline channel just on the other side of the University walls. A curiously well-known secret access route from the everyday life-energy path we are following today to the transformational energy path of the midline channel. After a good look we turn north and walk out of the University onto Pembroke Road.


~~~~~~~ Throat ~~~~~~~




  We cross Pembroke Road at the pedestrian walk and continue northwards along the western sidewalk of Danby Dtreet. As we pass the Spiritualist Church we see a curious sight up ahead at the corner of London and Danby. Two traffic wardens are hard at work scrutinizing the area just outside the Liverpool Cancer Research Centre. One of them is rigorously inspecting a motorcycle which is parked up on the sidewalk there, looking at it from all angles and writing in his notebook. For some reason I suddenly get the idea that this might even be his motorcycle and wonder: is he writing himself a ticket for parking it illegally?

    I say something jokingly casual as we pass: “Guess he parked that in the wrong place alright” to which the traffic warden smiles and replies something like: “You got that right!” He is pleased with the whole affair and is relishing the ongoing investigation which he continues with immense thoroughness after we pass. He has clearly caught a fine fish. It’s all very odd: obviously he can’t actually be giving himself a ticket - but the whole scene has a very off-kilter and strangely unsettling quality too it, almost as if we’ve stumbled on some major crime investigation. Except that they are only traffic wardens. Or are they? Could they be in disguise? Are they involved in some illegal activity themselves, as look-outs perhaps?
   I take a few snap shots of the scene from across the corner, but very circumspectly as if taking snaps of the buildings so they don’t get upset. The second traffic warden is in the doorway to the building and is also writing in his notebook. Sallyann said later on that she noticed him as we passed and saw that he was not at all pleased, possibly in charge and more responsible for what the two of them were dealing with. Whatever it is it’s certainly a very complicated matter, at least in Traffic Warden Land. The whole affair seems highly mysterious and even slightly dangerous.

Energy Symbol Imprint #5
Two traffic wardens write in their notebooks as they investigate a very complex and mysterious event that increasingly seems to be far above their level of expertise and influence


  We go north along Serby Street until we finally cross the complex intersection with Islington, Erskine and Brunswick. We then continue north along Shaw, we cross Shaw and head east on College Street South. We meander along amongst the small houses, turning north onto Tichbourne Way. It is quite organized here, orderly and overly reasonable in a middle class way, It is somehow pleasant though to leave the city streets behind for a while; even so, the overall effect of the neat mini-yards and miniature homes becomes a bit disorienting after a while. We soon come to the gates on College Street North and enter the park.



    As we head along the park turning west, I see something unusually strong on the paved path we are following. There is a small, very white object shining up at me. When I pick it up I discover that it is a white plastic daisy set onto a small hair barrette. The paint on the center circle is partially worn away to form a silhouette of a head there. Just before I saw it on the path I was saying to Sally Ann that we should make a short side trip off the energy path we are following and stop in at the two throat transformational centres which have the same function in the throat chakra that Sweetheart Park does in the heart.

   En and I picked up a number of such transformational energy objects in the midline channel and brought them to the Giant’s Heart in 2010. This daisy barrette looked just like one of these even though it's found outside the midline channel. Perhaps it's a naturally occurring one, part of some as-yet unknown transformational process. Whatever it might be it's certainly a hot item and has to be picked up. I give the daisy barrette to Sallyann and she puts it in her hair. As she does so some of the energy of the object seems to pass on to her and she takes on a bit of its glow. Sallyann points to a daisy growing in the grass. We both laugh and are suddenly energized and happy, freed a little from our everyday selves.



    On the way to the first, more wild transformational centre in the throat we stop at a group of stones set in a circle at the south western corner of the park by Shaw Street. There is a large outcropping of rock facing it and the steps here have been a rough location in past visits. A group of hard-core drinkers often hung around here with lots of smashed glass and graffiti accumulating in their wake. All in all a place of tough-edged energy generally, but today it’s not like that, Though certainly not gentle it is now grounded and strong, keeping its intense and primal quality without being out of control.

   I get the feeling that the hard-edged activities that sometimes happen in this spot are due to the humans that are attracted to this place - they are not at the level of clarity and consciousness that is needed to handle the compelling strength of the energy available here. This place is kind of an ancient site in a Druid sense, a part of the landscape of the modern cityscape that is available but generally unseen. Must be a place in the energy body of the Giant as well and I wonder if all of us also have neglected places such as this in our own energy body that we could rediscover and use.



    We walk out of the park and cross Shaw and are alongside the first of the throat chakras transformational centres, an empty lot at the corner of Shaw and William Henry Streets. Before we can enter the field and look to see if there’s a spot for the daisy barrette, we see two teenaged girls coming up William Henry. They are both impossibly decked out in an odd combination of strange styles, though as I see them I wonder if the styles actually do make sense to them - a very young take on sexy sophistication. One has an enormous white bow in her hair, the other is wearing a short skirt and thick, white knee socks.

   A first glance they register as hookers dressing up to stimulate some fantasies of the Johns they hope to attract. On second and ongoing relooks they seem very naive and not at all sexual, just two school girls dressing up. As they reach the bus stop on Shaw Street a car pulls up next to them and stops. Suddenly they seem like hookers again, and I get the feeling that they are on the lookout for “kerb crawlers” as signs in the area used to hope to deter. The signs have been taken down in recent years, but I'm suddenly thinking that maybe the kerb crawlers are back and actively crawling.


    After a short talk with the people in the car they get in and the car drives off. It all happens very quickly, I am walking past so I don’t see much of the detail of the interaction. But Sallyann is behind me and in a better position to see what occurs. She said later that the people in the car were an older couple who she thought were one of the girl’s parents. She said that the girls became quite subdued and deflated in energy, almost as if they had been caught sneaking off to someplace they weren’t supposed to go.We are both relieved and confused by the energy imprint the two girls act out, it’s unsettling and at the same time rather difficult to fully understand.

Energy Symbol Imprint #6
Two young girls walking along a city sidewalk hoping to attract attention with their provocative dress are caught by their parents



    The energy imprint makes us forget about the daisy barrette and we continue on to the second throat field without stopping at the first. This turns out to be quite the right thing to do, because when we arrive in the second field nearby at the corner of Shaw and Everton Brow Road, we know immediately this is the place that the daisy barrette has been heading towards. This field is definitely the transformational energy centre for the throat chakra. It is a strong location generally, a crossroads where walking routes converge and connect. Many of the local residents pass though here as they travel up and down the hill.

  The tree here (actually three trees growing together) is exactly on the line that connects the spring in the root with the fire pit in the crown. A project was recently initiated in this field to fill the space with wild flowers. They have pretty much finished their season, but when I was here in Aug 2011 the field was covered with blue and yellow and white flowers. The sign describing the project said that chicory, corn flowers, corn camomile, meadow cranesbill, vipers bugloss, wild carrot and ox eye daisies have been planted there. Today there were still a few late blooming daisy and chicory flowers in evidence.



    We decide that the daisy barrette should go to the tree that is dead on the centre line of the Giant's midline channel. Sallyann says that she had thought that we should hide it, but now as she looks for a place to do that around the tree she realizes that the daisy barrette needs to be seen. She places it in a knot of the tree and it looks like it belongs just there and nowhere else. As we walk away back up towards the Gi-chi path we’ve been following before this detour we see the whiteness of the small daisy barrette shining out quite visibly from way across the street.

  We realize that some energy agent other than ourselves might easily come along here and see the daisy barrette. Surely if it did notice it there in the tree it would pick it up. Is this what is needed? Is this really what we want? What is actually going on, we do not know. Have we brought something here to be transformed, or have we delivered some already-transformed energy? It’s too early in this newly discovered activity to understand just what is happening, but we both know we have done the right thing by picking up the daisy barrette and placing it in the knot in this tree.