Walking The Up-Left Path - Oct 08, 2011

Throat to crown and then back down to Sweetheart Park

~~~~~~~ Third-eye ~~~~~~~



     We move back into the park passing past the Everton Lock-up (sometimes called Prince Rupert’s Tower on city maps) and return to the up left path we’ve been following and enter the Giant’s third-eye chakra. The pedestrian path up the hill ends at a round-about circle for drivers to turn around and head out from this popular parking spot at the top of Everton Brow. A fast moving car suddenly drives into view, careens around the small round about once, then a second time before heading away back the way it drove in.


   There are four guys inside and they are all quite joyous amidst their careening activity. Despite the over-the-top quality of their mad circling, there is no squealing of brakes and they only go around twice (almost as if once was not quite enough but three would be too many). Manically in motion with just the right amount of overall control. As they go by us we see a few glimpses grinning ecstatic faces as they whip by, and then they are gone. Sallyann and I are both energized by their passage, almost as if their circling car has wound up a spring inside us.

Energy Symbol Imprint #7
Four young men laugh joyously as their car careens around a roundabout, the driver in complete control despite the manic energy surrounding the event


     We stop for a while at the bottom of the third-eye socket bowl, climb back to the rim for a quick view down of the city, then continue north through the park. After passing the third-eye transformational grove (where the satellite dish was installed last August) we climb the last hill to the top of the park and the border with the crown chakra. We stop for a moment looking back down at the body of the Giant stretching out below. It is a bit foggy, soggy too - we are surrounded by a misty rain that envelops the Giant today. We can just make out the tower of the Anglican cathedral where we started in the root. It seems a long way off, yet possible to still feel even at this distance.


~~~~~~~ Crown ~~~~~~~



  We exit the park at Northumberland Terrace and Heyworth Road. As we head north towards the fire pit we see the two girls we saw earlier in the throat chakra (getting into the car with their parents). They are walking down the sidewalk past the Beacon school talking happily with two other girls. They are still dressed in the same fashion as before, though it looks like one girl now has on red rubber rain boots. I don’t remember her wearing these before - they seem quite out of step with the intended effect of the rest of the outfit. When her mother caught her at the bus stop, did she make the girl go home to put on the boots?


   Hard to know what happened but their sense of freedom and adventure has not been curbed by their brush with parental concern. All four girls are bubbling with precocious energy, giggling and wiggling their way down the sidewalk. Perhaps they are planning a night-time escape to the downtown Bold Street club scene later this Saturday night. They look still too young and naive to make it work, but there is no denying their enthusiasm and desire for freedom. They are much happier than earlier as they walk together on their own away from the strictures of parental control.

Energy Symbol Imprint #8
A group of precociously dressed teenaged girls laugh together excitedly as they plan new ways to challenge the boundaries that separate them from the freedom they know is surely impending

   We walk north on Beacon Lane and on into the crown fire pit field. We don’t stay long and soon cross Heyworth Road heading west down Grecian Terrace. We turn south onto Northumberland Terrace, then west though the stone entranceway just opposite the steps to the Iron Church. The path here is still strong as it crisscrosses down the hill. The two circles at the end of the north-south avenues at the bottom have been paved over since I buried a bamboo spike in the centre of the lower one. This still seems like a good place to consult with the entities that function in the crown in the same way the elders do in the root. Are they of off-planet lineage? Or could it be that the elders are in both places?

   Curious questions to ponder. We cross Netherfield Road North and enter the woodland trail at the stone gate at the corner with Hapton Street. This wild though still somewhat groomed trail skirts the playing fields of what the map calls the Lifestyles Everton Park Recreation Centre. There’s a better energy here now than when we first found this part of the path, it's not feeling as dangerous as it once did though it's certainly still not a night-time walking route. We soon come out and cross Conway Street. Continuing south we are now in the more wide open vistas of the third-eye.


~~~~~~~ Third-eye ~~~~~~~



   We soon turn west along the spacious promenade that comes all the way down Everton Brow from the steps at the top of the park. We arrive at the vast third-eye theatre space that is in front of the now quite dry fountain. This space still calls out for large scale puppets and epic stories - no reason why that couldn’t come about as the rent should be right. We go over to the back entrance to the Ecological Centre which is closed and locked as usual. Quite a sight to see all that “outside-ness” locked away behind a metal gate - looks like a dream of some unobtainable legendary land.



    The front gate on the other side of the large grounds is always locked too, though they have ads out saying that is open to the public on one day a week for one hour. Sallyann tells me of how she got them to open it up when she showed up at the appointed hour and found it locked up tight. Four or five other people had shown up as well. She called in and got them to commit to sending someone out to open the gate. When a key person finally did show up and hour and a half later she was the only one who had come back. It was a rather unsatisfactory visit as the person who was there with the key was just hovering around waiting for her to finish her visit.


   Built by young offenders as part of their sentence of public service, there is a certain grudging quality to the energy of the space that lies hidden away behind the high brick wall. Curious enough when considering this place as part of the everyday-world, but shifting scale and meaning, it becomes even more intriguing when trying to understand it as part of the Giant's energy system. What kind of an inoperative energy organ must this be in the landscape of the Giant? How could it help with Giant’s awakening if it were actually working? What needs to be done to get it into working order?

    As we walk around the big brick back wall of the Ecological Centre we come across a young, twenty-ish guy playing with his dog. There is a set routine to their game which indicates it is a regular, even daily ritual. The dog, though not a large breed can really jump. He leaps up and down as the guy raises a large stick in the air just above what the dog could manage to reach despite his amazing efforts. The dog doesn’t bark and the guy doesn’t call out to him.The whole choreographed sequence of motions they do together seems to be part of a set physical workout regime for the guy, but for the dog there is an element of ecstacy involved in the sheer energy of the leaping.


   The guy finally throws the stick out in the air across the large grassy lawn and, quite amazingly, it never comes down on the grass - it just disappears into mid air. The dog looks briefly where it should have come down, then comes running over to us in the hopes that we might suddenly produce it for him. I spread my hands out in an exaggerated shrug and the dog bounds back to the guy again. Neither the dog or the guy seems disturbed by the sudden change in the ritual though both clearly want to continue their game of stick together. The guy walks out into the grassy area towards where the stick was headed and starts to jump. The dog jumps too. They jump up and down for a while together this way and it’s an odd sight from where we’re standing about fifty feet away. Is the guy now joining in with the jumping part of the ritual? Is the game continuing without the stick? Are we supposed to throw them a new one?
    Suddenly the guy comes down from one of his jumps holding the stick he had thrown earlier. Sallyann and I laugh, I think we even applaud or cheer or something like. It’s impossible not to be ecstatic with them in the joy of the moment. Although it had looked to us like the stick had first disappeared in mid-air and has now reappeared again, we realize that the stick had gotten stuck up in an overhanging branch of a tree, something we couldn’t see from our distance and perspective. Didn’t matter how it had happened, it’s still an amazing trick.The guy then throws the stick again, the dog gives chase and retrieves it. As he brings it back the stick brakes into a number of much smaller pieces bit by bit until there’s nothing left but small pieces. So the dog can actually make the stick disappear too! Sally Ann and I feel a great joyous energy from this whole event and it certainly goes a long way to revitalizing our spirit.

Energy Symbol Imprint #9
An athletic dog is playing an joyful game with a guy in his twenties when the stick they are throwing about disappears in mid-air


    The guy and his dog go off home and we continue on past the front entrance of the Ecological Centre and eventually head south to Roscommon. We cross into the park beyond and pass past the playground and turn down the westward path that runs just north of the fence behind the school there. This is a curious, almost secret place, even slightly sinister in some  as yet unknown way. We finally exit with the path onto Iliad Street, walking past what used to be a school board resource centre but is now seemingly closed up and unused. We turn west on Prince Edwin for a block and then south onto Fox and into the throat.


~~~~~~~ Throat ~~~~~~~



   We are moving pretty quickly now as we head down through the andscape of the Giant to Sweetheart Park. We take Fox to Everton Brow, then a short jog and we head south into an interesting pirate alley called Drinkwater Gardens which becomes Pritt Street as it turns back towards the throat chakra park. The path changes here from what it was before. Earlier we used to cross the field and head directly to Sweetheart past Bigheart Park. Now the path turns away at the northwest corner of the throat field and goes west onto Mansfield Street.


  One short block west and we come to the end of Mansfield street and must go down and through a rather ominous-looking tunnel under St Anne Street. As we come out of the tunnel we head south along the lower level collector portion of St Anne. This rather curious access road slopes up to join the main thoroughfare. After crossing the busy intersection at St. Anne and Islington we turn west again at the bus station and eventually take Camden Street south past the Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre. We soon arrive at London Road.
~~~~~~~ Heart ~~~~~~~


   We cross London Road and take a quick jog to continue south onto Pudsey Street. At the end of two short blocks we cross Lord Nelson Street and enter Lime Street rail station. This is an interesting place to walk through, particularly after our long trek along the Giant’s G-chi energy path. Lots of people moving decisively on their way to other places, a high ceiling and a vast indoor open area - it's like a huge pumping heart energy fountain. We stop in the main waiting area and take a short break in the midst of it all to go over the energy imprints we have accumulated along the path. We then exit out the south entrance onto Skelhome Street.


  After a short walk up and east we turn onto Hilbre. This is the location of a recently converted student housing complex. A rather disconnected and unfocused energy here, probably not the best location for the students but profitable for the schools I’d guess. We walk up Copperas Hill for a block, then south along Hawke Street past the now empty mail sorting plant. At the end of Hawke we turn east up Brownlow Hill for a short block and turn south into the exit from the car park. There is a pedestrian access route here to the corner where Pleasant Street turns east from May.

    We turn east on Mount Pleasant and follow it across Clarence Street to where it turns south and becomes Pomona Street. John Moores University is constructing yet another building here and there are lots of obstacles to detour around and through as we make our way amidst the scaffolding and hoardings of construction materials. We soon arrive at the corner of Cathedral Walk and Pomona - Sweetheart Park - and all at once we are at the end of our day’s travel. We croak our frogs for each of the energy imprints we have brought here, then head off and away to nearby Kimo’s for some food.