Walking The Up-Right Path - Oct 07, 2011

Root to Throat

~~~~~~~ Root ~~~~~~~



  This is the first time I've walked the Gi-chi paths in over three years and I wonder if I will encounter the energy symbols as easily as last time. When I arrive in St. James Gardens the first thing I notice is a guy and a girl in their twenties holding hands and moving from grave to grave and niche to niche in the gardens. They seem like an important presence, but I don't want to intrude on their space, So after taking some water from the spring I go up the Northern ramp to the grassy platform space just above where the water comes out of the wall down below.


   While I wait for the Dispatcher to appear I decide to find the point where the energy of the spring below came through the grassy platform above - I had seen this in a general sense from down below many times before, most recently when Jo and Chris and Stephano had danced there in June 2010 during the midline channel journey. That time I had seen the energy coming through the grassy platform as a fountain throwing spray up into the air. Now I wanted to see if I could find the exact spot where it was bursting through and feel the energy coming through me.
   As I walk about playing a wooden frog I begin to sense this point which I now suddenly dub the “tiptop” of the spring. This turns out to be (standing on the spot and looking out over the gardens below) more or less on a line with the Hawthorne tree on the right, the elders’ niche caves on the left and directly opposite the large rooted tree that is on the hill just opposite (this was the tree that figured prominently on the night we made an essence from the spring water on the night of the full moon during our first visit in Oct 2006). There is a large white marking on the wall just in back of the tiptop of the spring - useful for seeing the spot from the gardens below. Though the exact spot probably varies from day to day and even moment I have since noticed that it is always somewhere near this location
   I stand for a moment on the tiptop spot looking out over the gardens below. I see a smallish magpie hopping along the wall opposite the spring and it reminds me of the building energy associated with an impending departure of an energy pulse. The magpie hops off the wall and bounces towards the spring until it is out of sight below the edge of the platform where I am standing. I take this as a sign that I should move down to the gardens. When I arrive down below I see the magpie is still approaching the spring from the northern side. The couple I had noticed earlier are now seated on a big sitting stone to the south of the spring completely enveloped in a non-stop kiss.

  The magpie takes off and flies to the tree in front of the grave stone for Catherine Wilkinson (started the first public bath facility in Liverpool during the 1830s). I slowly approach the tree and take photos of the magpie while still keeping track of the couple. They soon leave the sitting stone and walk my way. After they pass the magpie leaves the tree and flies off over their heads as they turn towards the tunnel out of the gardens. I follow. As I approach the tunnel entrance soon after I see them on the level above walking back towards the cathedral entrance. I assume they went inside - they were not anywhere in sight when I get to the top and exit the path from the gardens.



Energy Symbol Imprint #1
Two lovers kiss in a graveyard, then make their way hand-in-hand towards a nearby church

   When I first saw them, I wondered if the couple could be the Dispatcher. But now, after some reflection, I decide that the magpie was actually the Dispatcher, alerting me to the G-chi energy pulse moving off and urging me to collect the imprint of the couple’s energy symbol before moving after it. (Just in case the reader hasn’t read about the story of the Giant’s G-chi energy pulses and isn’t familiar with some of the terms inherent in the story, I’ve put in some hyperlinks in the text to give a brief overview of some of the terms used in this narrative).
~~~~~~~ Hara ~~~~~~~



  I cross Upper Duke street and walk along Rodney to Knight. I turn west on Knight to Roscoe, then walk north along Roscoe to Bold. I walk down the hill on Bold until I come to the front steps of the bombed-out church (St. Lukes). I climb the steps and pause to look along Berry Street, then turn to look in through the glass-fronted closed front door at the top of the steps. I see Ambrose inside drumming away on the big drums there. He is in his own space and smiling as he sends out the thrumming drum energy to the world outside the walls of the church.


    I realize that I have not really noticed the drums when I approached the church, but now that I see him through the glass I can hear them clearly underneath the city sounds that surround the church, strong but not obtrusively so, woven into the underside of the moment. I hold up one hand in greeting - Ambrose nods his head and his smile broadens slightly. The drumming is not interrupted and he is still immersed in the sound. I walk down the north side of the steps and sit on a bench near to the two odd trees that are there at the corner of Berry and Hardmen. I listen to the drumming - it is still noticeable on the underside of the moment though I think most of the people don’t hear it despite its subliminal effect.

Energy Symbol Imprint #2
Just out of sight yet not hidden, a playfully satisfied man drums to the beat that is underneath the moment

~~~~~~~ Will ~~~~~~~


   I cross Hardman and walk for a block north along Renshaw Street. I turn east and follow Oldham Street to Back Renshaw and then east again across the small square to Oldham Place. I stopped by the door to Steve’s new studio which I call “the Vault”. We had been talking the day before about finding access to the well that is thought to be in the (now inaccessible) basement at #2 Roscoe Street. Steve had already done some digging and had found some sort of filled-in alcove space below the floor, but no sign that there was actually a basement. As I stand at the door to the Vault I suddenly have the feeling that a map would come to light that would show the floor plan of and access to the hidden basement.
    It might well be in three pieces and have to be fitted together to give the required information. Each piece of the map would be in the form of a different element - wood, metal, stone (as per the will chakra play written four years ago. It also seems to me that each piece might well find its way to this door way or to the doorway of #2 Roscoe and that I should look there from time to time to see what accumulated there. Nothing of interest this day, though I am drawn to the various shapes on the door to the Vault. I take a few photos and move on, turning north on Roscoe, walking past the entrance to #2 and crossing Mount Pleasant into the heart chakra.
~~~~~~~ Heart ~~~~~~~


    I stop in for a bathroom break at Gerry’s bookstore (where I’ve been staying this trip). After finding my way through the shelves of books and past Gerry's brother Robert, I climb the stairs to the second floor. Mike is there and gives me a garment to pass on to Michael when I visit him in Cardiff a few days hence. Not clear on exactly what the story is but it was worn during modern enactments of ancient Greek rituals I think. I’ve been telling Michael that he might have been summoned to Cardiff to take on his next persona as a Greek/Druid so it seems like the perfect guest gift.

    I go east on Mount Pleasant and turn north on the continuance of Rodney Street which is now called Clarence. A quick turn east on Brownlow and I enter the empty lot where the old transformer used to be before it was knocked down a year or so ago. This is what we have always called Big Heart Park - it is still a big empty space in front of the old mail sorting building, though for how long is anybody’s guess as much land is being cleared here. The grass is growing taller in Big Heart now, but the old mound with large rock buried underneath is still a feature - the path that crosses the open field detours around this mound that dominates the place like an old barrow.


   The fence that was put up around the space where the old transformer building used to be is falling down and I look inside this previously inaccessible space. Curiously enough it isn't a very interesting spot anymore now that the building is gone - there doesn't seem to be even the smallest residue of the energy that was once here. What was once the main mail sorting plant is now empty and looms over the field. I remember the postal guys waving to us from an upper story window during our first expedition through the Giant in 2006.
    As I turn back to the mound and the path that crosses the empty field I see a heavy-set man walking along the path towards the centre of the city. He is in his twenties and seems care-worn, not unhappy exactly but certainly weighted down and fatigued with having to deal with hard times over an extended period. As I watch him I have the feeling that he has been uprooted from what he was doing, possibly from his job, and is in the process of re-arranging his life to deal with the situation he is now in. This is the third pick-up of the day.

Energy Symbol Imprint #3
A young, heavy-set man walks uncertainly across an overgrown empty lot, weighed down by the concerns of newly-arrived hard times


    I leave Big Heart and cross Russel Street going west and into some recent housing clustered around and about Trowbridge Street. I turn north on a continuation of Trowbridge, past the still closed and locked Bronte Youth Centre, over the train tracks and onto Bronte Street. The old U-shaped council Housing complex is to the west (student housing now I think, but still has the tough-love hard-edged heart energy it had in earlier years). Passing past the gates to the housing complex I turn north onto Moore Place. I soon come to Pembroke Road and cross across into the market square in front of T.J. Hughes.


~~~~~~~ Throat ~~~~~~~




  There are not many people in the square today (Friday), but there are still a few tents with goods for sale. People who do pass through move quickly by, as if on their way to somewhere else. There is one exception to the fast pace of the pedestrians. An old man is making his way very, very slowly across the square - he is moving at such a slow pace that it seems like he is in a completely different time scale, like a Slow Lorris. He is injured in some way and is using two metal support sticks to move his body along. He is moving so very, very slowly that it amazing that no-one bumps into him. It is almost as if he is a fixed object relative to everyone else, yet he does move, steadily and unstoppably.

   He does not seem unhappy or frustrated as he makes his way across the square. It’s as if he has completely accepted the slowness of his pace and has formed the iron will that must be necessary to move himself along. He is completely resolute about making his way despite his disability, using all of his focus and will to keep moving toward his destination. It isn’t so much that the destination is important (though maybe it is), it’s more that the ability to keep moving toward it that is crucial. He will get there. Then he will move on to the next destination. Or come back. The goal isn’t really the point, it’s the doing that matters. His slow, resolute motion despite all obstacles is all that there is for him

Energy Symbol Imprint #4
An old man using two metal walking supports moves excruciatingly slowly across a market square as he resolutely follows the path before him


  I am standing in front of the T.J. Hughes display window. I glance inside the store and see an overly large man in his late fifties sitting on a bed. He is clearly not in the best of health and seems out of breath. His wife who is much smaller sits on a nearby chair as a floor salesman gives his spiel. The man is trying out the bed to see if he wants to buy it, but he doesn’t look at the salesman - he just stares straight ahead. He is worn-out and tired, not so much with the day but rather with his whole life. I get the feeling as I watch the silent tableau through the display window that the man is not so much interested in buying the bed, but knows that he must go through with the bed-buying ritual.


Energy Symbol Imprint #5
An overly large man who is not in the best of health resignedly sits on a bed in a department store window while his much smaller wife discusses the price with the salesman

    I soon leave the market square area and move on down Stafford Street going north until I reach London Road. I use the pedestrian lights to cross this busy divided thoroughfare. I walk north along Soho Street until I come to the large open space of the Throat Field. Everything is pretty much as it had been the year before, very empty and vacant though not at all sad as it was in earlier years. I didn’t spend much time here but continued along Soho until it come out to Everton Brow Road. The field that had been there to the side of (what used to be) the church of St. Mary of the Angels is now paved over and turned into a parking lot with large metal fencing and an in-and-out metal gateway.



    The gateway is closed and there are no cars in the lot. Not much use to anybody it would seem, especially to the people living there. The same faded Jesus pictures and church closing protests are there on the front door of the church. Plastic flowers are still on the locked metal gate, but not so many of them - an old cause fading away. The flowers that used to grow by the church’s sign have been cut and the wild flower weedy places inside the fence and around the bell have been covered over and wiped out by large pebble gravel.

   As I turn east off Fox street and onto Bute Street I walk past the big church bell and turn north onto Douro. The school has definitely moved on and some community/social enterprises have moved into the premises. Some guy comes out (from what is now a taxi place I think) but I am more interested in walking through the grove of trees there and don’t engage him in questions about how things have changed. Very interesting grove of trees there along Douro, I spend some time with them before turning west onto Upper Beau alongside of the big warehouse building there. I walk the block to Fox and turn north, turn east up Prince Edward Street and follow it uneventfully all the way up to the parking lot just opposite Dentdale Drive.