Expedition Along The Up-Right Path - Oct 15, 2011

Root to Throat

~~~~~~~ Root ~~~~~~~



    We started our journey at 12noon from St. James gardens - four other people besides myself came along: Sam, Vanessa, Stephano and Sallyann. Sam turned up first. I was already there when Sam walked into view and went over to sit by the spring. I was pretty sure that he must be one of two people Stephano had invited so I went over and introduced myself. As we were talking about the expedition and what we were planning to do, Vanessa (Stephano’s second friend) arrived. Then Sallyann came and finally Stephano..


    I gave a short info talk about Story, Scale and Landscape. I also said that we would wait there in the gardens until the Dispatcher sent us off along the Gi-chi path. Sallyann, Sam and I walked up to the grassy platform above the spring while Vanessa and Stephano remained below. I had given out wooden frogs while talking about the Giant, so when the three of us arrived on top of the spring we started croaking them there.
    An older gentleman was sitting on the wall off to the south towards the Elders’ cave-niches. He was using a plastic throwing arm to toss a tennis ball for a smallish dog that was very eager to chase it. The dog was full of boundless (and bounding) energy that was intensely focused on the ball. In contrast the older guy was much more sedate, quite content to be sitting there on the wall while the dog responded single-mindedly to his almost nonchalant, over the shoulder flips of the ball. The dog was in constant motion, while the man sat completely still.
    This older guy was very positive, interested in talking with us and generally encouraging. We chatted about the fine day and how winter would be coming on soon enough. It was clear that this place above the spring was a familiar destination for him and he would surely be there with his dog to see the winter weather come rolling through. He wished us well on our way that day, though interestingly enough he never made any mention of the wooden frogs. Was he the Dispatcher? Seemed pretty possible.

    We turned north to go towards the down ramp. A middle-aged man of a somewhat worn, yet refined disposition was sitting on the other side of the grassy platform above the spring, on the wall next to the hawthorn tree. He was carefully dressed and didn’t seem to be as habitual a visitor to this space, although he told us that this was not his first time there. He said he was a musician (guitar) and as he spoke about this and that it soon became clear that he wasn’t particularly happy about anything at all. There was a hard hooligan energy around his home in particular, the world was in a dismal state generally and difficulties were growing in every field he touched on.


    He wasn’t exactly depressed, just disappointed and a bit lost in a rapidly changing world that was moving away from the ways he followed. Although we tried to offer hopeful possible possibilities, there was nothing that we could say that would lead him in a happier direction. We offered him a frog to croak, but this activity was not at all effective in altering his disposition. He gave a rather unenergetic sweep of the wooden mallet across the frog's back and the sound was not at all satisfactory, even to us. Curiously enough, despite his general disappointment with his life, he was pleasant enough to talk with, fairly social really and seemingly glad of our company and interaction.
    We left him sitting there and walked down to find Stephano and Vanessa. They too had talked with the old man and his dog. They had a happy visit together throwing the ball for the dog and talking with the guy. He told them that he’d been there with the dog since 9 AM (over 3 hours) and was glad to be heading back home (though the dog was as energetic as ever and would have chased the ball all day). He had just left as we arrived by the spring. He was clearly the Dispatcher so we all headed off to follow the up-right Gi-chi path. We told them about the discouraged middle-aged guy we’d talked with next to the hawthorn tree. Interestingly enough we learned later that Stephano and Vanessa had been surrounded and immersed in joyous energy down below while we were hearing tales of personal disappointment from the guy above. When we eventually talked about our different experiences we decided that the events above and below the spring were part of the symbol for the first energy pick-up.

Energy Symbol Imprint #1
A middle-aged man feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with his life sits alone and apart from the spontaneous, joyous energy of his nearby peers

~~~~~~~ Hara ~~~~~~~



   We walked uneventfully up out of St. James Gardens, turned north along Rodney, turned west down Knight, north along Roscoe, then west down Bold. We climbed the high steps in front of the bombed out shell of St. Luke’s Church and finally sat for a while on the benches there. We arrived just as Ambrose opened the church door for his noon-time event - we nodded to each other as he let a person waiting there in. We sat on the bench and compared notes about what had happened so far, looking out from between the two trees there as we gazed across Hardmen and down Renshaw into the city centre.


    This is when Stephano and Vanessa talked about some of the details of their experience at the spring. It was a happy eventful time: some skateboarders were making a movie, a young couple came over and played the frogs with them, someone esle was playing some music - many joyous moments, the last was their interaction with the Dispatcher. We joked that he had been waiting for us with his dog the whole three and a half hours from nine to twelve thirty. It was becoming apparent that it was important to compare our individual perceptions when the pick-up of an energy symbol imprint occurred. Also that the multiple points of view could be very useful if we were able to communicate with each other. This was an interesting insight because the energy symbol wasn’t received as one single dominant perception but rather as the perception of the group as a whole.
~~~~~~~ Will ~~~~~~~



   We crossed Hardman and walked for a block north along Renshaw Street, turned east to follow Oldham Street to Back Renshaw and then east again across the small square to Oldham Place. We stopped for a while at the empty lot there - the same one where we stopped on our first Expedition back in the fall of 2006. That time we laid out stones to form the Giant’s signature in this lot. Might be good to plan some activities like this along the way when we travel as a group along the energy paths. Surely there must be some general energy activities that would improve the general functioning of the Gi-chi energy moving through the chakras.


   After we left the empty lot we went east up Oldham Place and turned north onto Roscoe. We then crossed across Mount Pleasant into the heart.
~~~~~~~ Heart ~~~~~~~


   After we left the empty lot we went east up Oldham Place, turned north onto Roscoe and then east on Mount Pleasant as we entered the heart.We stopped in at Gerry’s book store to pick up the large satellite dish we were planning to re-install up in the third-eye chakra. Gerry took numerous photos of the group and we headed back along the path, turning north on Clarence Street. We turned west onto Brownlow Hill and then into the open field that we call Big Heart Park. We passed quickly north along the path and crossed Clarence again in the middle of the block going east onto Trowbridge Street.
    Our second energy imprint arrived just as we were going north, crossing over the train tunnel and approaching the large U-shaped building which was once council housing in 2006 but now had been turned into student residences. This turned out to be a multiple energy symbol pick-up like our first had been, although this time there were three parts each separated in space and time. The first part involved itself with Sallyann and myself. We were lagging behind to place a small satellite dish in the bushes. The other three were walking ahead with Stephano carrying the large satellite dish, and a little boy and his mother passed by them. The boy stopped and turned around to stare, clearly moved and excited by the sight of the large satellite dish. He did a little dance and spun around once before turning and moving on to catch up with his mother. A few moments later when Sallyann and I came along I offered him a small satellite dish from the bag we were carrying. He smiled broadly and looked to his mother to see if it was okay to take it. It was. He skipped away happily with the small satellite dish in hand.

    The second part of the energy imprint happened as we arrived at the south side of London Road at the corner of Moores Place. The group was crossing the street when three older boys on bikes rolled up and stopped alongside on the sidewalk. One of them asked us what the large satellite dish was for. We were hurrying to make it across before the light changed so there wasn't much time to really explain, but Sallyann stayed behind to hand each of the boys a small satellite dish. She said later that they were very impressed and valued the gift.


   A few moments later as we crossed the market square Sam came across a small girl who was staring at the large satellite dish that Stephano was still carrying. She asked him: “what’s that for?” He answered: “It brings light to your heart” and gave the smaller version to her. She lit up with a huge smile as moved off with her mother to continue their Saturday errands.

Energy Symbol Imprint #2
As a large and somewhat magical object of unusual shape and meaning is carried through a market square, children receive smaller, personal versions to carry home with them

~~~~~~~ Throat ~~~~~~~


    We stopped to buy fruits and vegetables and sat to have a snack and a rest. Sam notice a teenaged boy, maybe 14 or 15 years old by the entrance to T.J. Hughes. He gave me a nudge and said: “There’s a skally!”. The boy did look oddly out of place when I zeroed in on him, though I didn’t have the UK social background to understand what is meant by scally. Turned out that “skally” is short for scallywag and was a well known social type in England. This one was wearing black wool gloves and a grey hoodie. He looked quite suspicious and just a little bit vicious though he was just a bit too young to be actually dangerous - yet
    A second, somewhat less dangerous-looking boy of about the same age came quickly out of the store entrance and confered with the first. They seemed eager to run off, yet were undecided about doing so, kind of swaying back and forth uncertainly. After a moment or so the second boy went back in the store while the first (clearly the ringleader) moved off furtively to the side. It looked like he was about to move off on his own, but at the last moment he returned to the entrance and looked in to the interior of the store.
    No-one on the street seemed to be paying much attention to this unfolding drama, though once I noticed the teenaged boy by the entrance it was impossible to miss the deviousness of the energy. The second boy came back out of the store and the two conferred nervously together. They were just starting to head away when a third boy emerged. He was younger than the other two, possibly the younger brother of the second boy, junior in size and status. He had a satisfied smile as he joined his cohorts.
    Then all three walked off together, trying to look nonchalant until they were about fifty yards away from the store entrance. And suddenly they were off, running at breakneck speed to get as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. Despite the sinister undertones of what had most likely be a successful shoplifting adventure, there was a young, even naive energy about the third boy. He was still somewhat innocent and had probably been influenced by the other two older boys. It also seemed likely that all three would soon be moving along to more deviant activities and we had witnessed the beginning of a life of crime. Yet it was still kind of sweet in a sticky, sinister way - more exciting than criminal at this stage of unfolding

Energy Symbol Imprint #3
After a successful shoplifting adventure three boys pause for a moment outside the entrance to a large department store to smile smugly before running away

    We walked down Stafford Street going north until we reached London Road, where we used the pedestrian lights to cross this busy divided thoroughfare. After continuing north along Soho Street we finally came to the edge of the large open space of the Throat Field. Instead of following the next section of the path Sallyann and I decided to check to see if the daisy we left in the midline channel was still there. So we turned east up William Henry Street until we reached Haigh Street at the edge of the overgrown empty lot. Here we turned north for a long block until we came to the throat chakra’s transformational energy location. Sure enough, the white daisy barrette was still there in the knot of the tree. It seemed to have a different energy to it after spending a week there - had it actually been transformed in some way? Hard to say one way or the other what’s going on with this transformational energy process, but it did feel appropriate to pick up the barrette today and carry it on to Sweetheart Park.