We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

(A general overview - part 2)


~~~~~~ G-chi Paths And Energy ~~~~~~

    The energy making its way through the Giant doesn’t move from here to there haphazardly. One thing we noticed right from the start: the energy travels along specific paths. And these energy paths that we’ve seen in the Giant remind us of the energy meridians that exist in us on our own human scale. During our last visit to Liverpool we began to see that the Giant’s energy was moving along meridians in much the same way as our own chi does. We’ve decided to call these G-chi paths because they’re so similar to the chi meridians in our own human body.

     As we started to map these paths we wondered if it was possible to travel along them with the Giant’s chi. Hard to do if we thought of ourselves on our own human scale, but because we’re so small on the Giant’s Scale we realized we’d be just the right size in the Landscape of the Giant. Places where there are blockages to the Giant’s chi would seem large to us. We’d be able to see the residues that accumulate when energy slows and stagnates as it flows through the Giant. And in a way you could even say that if we walked along the G-chi paths we’d be giving the Giant an energy massage from the inside out microscopically on a cellular level.

    We had found at least one G-chi path early on before we knew what it was - on our first visit (Oct 2006) we traveled along it from root to crown carrying a bowl of the root’s spring water all the way up onto Everton Brow. On our second visit (May 2007) we focused on receiving the Giant’s dreaming in each of the chakras as we made another day-long trek, this time going down through the Giant’s body while carrying fire from the fire pit in the crown to the spring in the root. After this second trip we wrote down the Giant’s chakra dreaming into outlines for seven epic plays. We brought these chakra plays to Liverpool on our third trip (Sep 2007). They each told the story of a different archetypal character finding their way to a meeting in the heart chakra.
    On our third trip we also brought along seven G-chi spikes made from hollow lengths of bamboo about seven inches long and two inches in diameter. One end of the bamboo was partially cut away and a crystal-like piece of glass was fixed onto the other. We planted the spikes in the ground during our stay - one in each of the chakras. A set of bamboo wind chimes was hung in a tree in a small, mostly unused park in the Giant’s heart (which we’ve come to call Sweetheart Park). These wind chimes were made with bamboo lengths that mirrored the shapes of the G-chi spikes, and when they were rung in Sweetheart Park we knew they were directly connected to the bamboo spikes that we’d buried in the ground.
    The last spike that we buried during this visit (the will chakra spike) is located in Abercromby Square. We had planned to plant this spike somewhere else but we were continually blocked in our attempts to do so. As defined by our first two visits, the will chakra was a fairly small and overly organized area with very few open, accessible spaces - there was literally no unpaved place to dig into. Through a chain of synchronous events we were led to Abercromby Square and shown exactly where to bury the spike. This square was a fair bit east of our original root-to-crown path. Still, there was nowhere else in the will the spike could go: we knew it was correctly placed. So it seemed that the Giant was somewhat wider than we’d originally thought. Looking back at it now it seems that we were already anticipating the other energy meridians we discovered and mapped on our fourth visit. These seven bamboo energy spikes we dug into the ground are all located on what we later mapped out as G-chi paths.
So when we came back to Liverpool for our fourth visit (March 2008) our intent was to see how much wider the Giant’s body was and to look for a second root-to-crown path more to the east of the one we’d already discovered. We knew that the will spike we’d planted in Abercromby Square was on this new, yet-to-be-discovered path and we felt pretty sure that it would go from the root to the crown - making two paths running through the Giant’s seven chakras, one on the left and one on the right.
It soon became apparent however that there was more to this than we first anticipated. As we scouted we began to realize there were actually four paths running through the Giant’s chakra body - two to the left and two to the right, one going up and one going down on each side. This bit of news was quite a challenge at the time and there was a good bit of scrambling just to be able to map the three new paths in the two weeks we had for our visit. It also soon became clear that the four paths were not separate but rather four sections of one whole system of energy flow. The down paths (right and left) started in the crown, went down their respective sides until they reached the root, then moved up again on the opposite sides. The two up paths (left and right) started in the root, went up their respective sides until they reached the crown, then moved down again on the opposite sides.

    It’s hard to say how many days it took for this overall shape of two interlocked ovals to crystalize for us. We didn’t actually grasp its full significance until after our visit was over. But the more we moved through the Landscape of the Giant and shifted our scale of consciousness to that of the Giant, the more clearly we came to see that there were pulses of energy moving along these two oval pathways. All sorts of questions arose from this sight. Where does the energy come from? Where is it going? What does it do? Here’s what we’ve found out about this so far.

1) The energy moving along the G-chi paths enters into the Giant’s body from both the crown and the root - two different entry points for the energies that nourish the Giant. The energy at the crown can be seen coming in from some other place a long, long way away. Watching it from the fire pit in the field there, it can be seen to enter from the sky above, it comes from beyond the earth’s atmosphere, from another galaxy even, from some completely other place impossibly far away out there somewhere. The energy entering into the root comes from some completely other place as well. Watching it from above the spring in the cemetery it seems to roll out from the depths of the ground, from the centre of the earth, from beyond that even, from someplace impossibly far away inside the fabric of the world. For now we are remembering the difference between these two energies by saying that the energy coming in through the crown is from the cosmos and the energy coming in from the root is from the ancestors. It is interesting that the Giant does not generate its own energy - it needs to receive and process energy from outside to sustain itself.

2) The energy entering through the root and crown does not arrive as the pulses we see moving along the G-chi paths, but comes into the Giant in a more uniform way. In the crown it falls like a gentle rain and collects in the field. Then when a certain amount of energy is present it moves out as a pulse that moves along the two G-chi paths that run down to the root through the Giant’s chakras. In the root the energy coming into the Giant arises as small bubbling waves rolling up from below in much the same way a natural spring flows up from the earth. When a certain amount is present it moves out as a pulse of energy that moves along the two G-chi paths that run up to the crown through the Giant’s chakras. The G-chi pulses that originate in the root and the crown continue to circulate along the oval path they first entered until their energy has been fully absorbed by the chakras they travel through.

3) The chakras receive this circulating energy from the passing energy pulse in two basic ways. The pulses themselves throw it off naturally as they move along. At times this is quite dramatic, like sparks or electrical discharges shooting off. Sometimes it is more gentle like perspiration seeping to the surface and dropping off. The second way is for the landscape of the chakra to draw the energy off the pulse. Sometimes this happens accidently as the energy pulse bumps against some feature of the landscape. Sometimes there are specific locations along the Gi-chi path that are specialized in this activity - acting like groves of trees with low hanging branches that brush against the passing pulse. Sometimes the Gi-chi path flows through into a widened area that slows the pulse and encourages it to stay while energy is combed and separated from the pulse by the landscape.

4) When the Giant’s chakra absorbs the energy that it receives from the passing energy pulse it combines it with other energies native to the chakra and produces new and (to some extent) more refined forms of energy. This process is similar to what happens in our own human selves when we digest food. Initially the body can’t use the food as it is received from outside itself. It must be broken down and recombined to produce substances that are more specific to the individual needs and activities in various body locations. The chakra energy system in the Giant is not so chemical in nature, but the process of using energy from outside the Giant to produce new and more specifically useful forms of energy inside the Giant is analogous.

5) Some of these newly-made energy-forms are to be used in the chakra where they are created, but some are needed in another chakra as one of the components necessary in the formation of even more complex forms of energy. So when an energy pulse arrives in the chakra it often picks up the imprint of a newly-created energy-form and transports it along the two main oval G-chi paths to other locations in the Giant’s chakra body where it is used in further energy-creating functions occurring there. (We will focus on specific instances of these energy-exchanges in the next section of this writing as we relate our experiences following energy pulses along the Gi-chi paths.)

6) When an energy pulse picks up the imprint of one of these newly-made energy-forms, the moment of contact invariably manifests as an event, a curiously strong and symbolic one when seen on the Giant’s scale. The event that occurs always has a highly emotional quality. Not that all energy-exchange events convey the same feeling, not at all - the particular emotion involved with their sighting is quite unique in every case - but they all have the same unusual and somewhat unsettling tone. You can’t miss them, and even when you do, looking back on it later you can easily see what it was that you missed. And it isn’t as if there’s a lack of content - the content is there and it’s quite complex. Better to say that these energy-exchanges are immediately felt but not necessarily understood in the moment. It’s almost as if they register as a symbol with all the content information contained inside.

7) When an energy pulse encounters one of these newly-made energy-forms it does not actually pick it up and carry it away. What happens instead is that an imprint of its structural arrangement is transferred to the energy pulse. An analogy might be helpful here. We could say that the pulse that circulates along the Gi-chi path is composed of an energy-substance that is soft and pliable like clay. But when the newly-made chakra energy-form is created it becomes fired in the process. It’s almost as if its surface has become hardened into a symbol or glyph which stands out in relief like a stamp. When this newly-made energy-form comes into contact with a passing energy pulse, the rigid symbol of its energy arrangement pushes into the relatively softer energy-substance of the energy pulse and leaves an impression without transferring any actual material. When the energy pulse moves on along the Gi-chi path it carries away this impression.

8) When the energy pulse receives the imprint of a newly-formed energy-form, the energy-substance around this impression is also fired and hardened and the impression is thus preserved, at least temporarily. There is a distinctly emotional quality to this moment when the exchange of structural information occurs. A strong and distinctive event invariably manifests in the landscape of the chakra during this contact and everything arranges itself to display all the inherent content in a highly symbolic way.

9) When the energy pulse carrying the impression of the exchange reaches another chakra it can pass on the impression it is carrying. Again there is no exchange of substance, but rather an exchange of symbolic information. The still-rigid impression on the energy pulse acts like a mold as it receives the softer, more pliable substance of the chakra’s energy and casts it into the energy shape it picked up originally.

    Now at this point it must be said that we did not observe these aspects of the Giant’s energy system all at one time or even in the order that they have just been presented. Our understanding of the overall energy-transfer system in and between the Giant’s chakras has been and will continue to be a gradual, step-by-step process. It should also be stressed that this is not an “objective” point of view. It is a recounting of what it looks like when the consciousness of the viewer is shifted to the Giant’s Scale - it’s what the Giant’s energy process looks like from the point of view of the energy itself.

    The landscape where this energy process occurs in the Giant is not the human landscape we experience in our every-day activities in the city. Because we are sleeping in much the same way that the Giant is sleeping, we only see things on our own human scale. We don’t even guess there might actually be a whole other scale of activity going on in the very same space we mistakenly think is our own private place. We don’t want to see that the city of Liverpool and everything occurring there might also be, concurrently, important energy manifestations in the landscape of the Giant. It should, however, lead us to speculate that something like this must also be occurring on our own human scale within ourselves. Holistically speaking there is no real difference between the Giant and ourselves. If we were able to shift our consciousness to the cellular scale of our own energy landscape we might well see the energy moving there inside our own selves in much the same way we’ve seen it behave in the Giant.

    Before going on it’s useful to mention a few more things that we’ve recently seen concerning the Giant’s chi energy. The oval shape of the two main energy paths is the overall shape the Gi-chi would take if everything in the system was balanced and the Giant was fully awake. The Giant is still asleep however and its chakras are not functioning the way they would in their awakened state. There are many energy blockages and places where the energy Landscape impedes the Gi-chi flow. So the two main Gi-chi paths are not the perfect ovals that the diagram describes when they are encountered in the Landscape of the Giant. Make no mistake though, the energy pulses always find a way to circulate through the Giant’s chakras - it’s just that they have to find their way around chronically problematic places within the energy Landscape. Certain chakras are particularly blocked and new and more difficult obstacles constantly arise. We’ve noticed that the energy pulse is often forced to find new and topically viable Gi-chi routes in the Giant’s throat and will chakras. Recent specific instances of this will be noted in the following section describing the Gi-chi paths.

    The second thing to mention is that the two main oval Gi-chi paths are not the only ones in the energy landscape. There are numerous “lesser” Gi-chi paths that connect various places in the energy landscape of the chakra where they are located. Occasionally they will continue on into the adjoining chakra, but generally they are the “local roads” in contrast to the “super-highways” of the two main oval Gi-chi paths which are the major meridians of the energy’s inter-chakra flow. Thirdly: it’s important to note that the energy pulses don’t circulate one at a time, one by one. Any number are sure to be moving along different sections of the main Gi-chi paths simultaneously, although right now we don’t really know their rate of frequency.

     So. To review. Energy from somewhere else is received by the Giant in the root and crown chakras. This energy becomes concentrated into a pulse that moves along the right or left G-chi path until its energy is released and absorbed at multiple chakra locations. Some of the energy that is absorbed is used to sustain basic functions in the Giant. The chakras also use some of the energy they receive from the pulse to create new forms of energy. Another energy pulse picks up the imprint of these newly-made energy-forms and circulates them throughout the Giant’s body. These imprints are received in other chakra locations and are used to recreate copies of the original energy-forms that passed on the imprint to the energy pulse. The receiving chakra combines these copies with other, often locally produced energy-forms to continue the production of more complex forms of energy. This is an unconscious and continually operating activity that supports and to some extent even defines the aliveness of the Giant. It functions even when the Giant is asleep; the Giant would not be alive if it didn’t function this way.

    This system works very well for maintaining the Giant in a sleeping state. But if the Giant is to wake up, it will need a completely different process to make the necessary transformative energy forms required for altering its state of consciousness. This continual circulation of new energy (from outside the Giant) and of altered energy (created within the Giant using the energy received from outside the Giant) will not suffice. A different, more refined energy is required. A new system of energy creation and movement must begin to operate. Both the energy that arrives from outside the Giant and the altered energy forms that have been created within the Giant must be brought to a specific location. They must be brought to the Giant’s heart.


~~~~~~ Bringing The Energy To The Heart ~~~~~~

    We’d always known from the very beginning that the heart chakra was key to the Giant’s awakening, and that this was where the process begins. This emerging understanding eventually took the form of a second chakra Story, a smaller whole within the larger whole of the overall Giant Story. This second sentient Story eventually became consolidated as the central play in an epic cycle we wrote down soon after our second visit. Full outlines of all the plays are included in the appendix. Here’s the outline of the heart story in its short form:

    A woman is sitting in her kitchen in Liverpool when a letter is delivered into her hands. The letter, which is written in the language of the heart, is from a very old acquaintance she has forgotten about but with whom she has a deep intimacy. An extraordinary meeting is upcoming. It will happen in her home. Six others are already traveling towards the meeting and she will be the seventh. Everyone is bringing essential skills and objects to use in an important endeavour together. They’re coming to the woman’s home from far away and have some work to do before they arrive. She is the only one of the seven who doesn’t have to travel, but she has to make all the preparations.

     The meeting referred to in this play takes place in the heart chakra and the six characters who are coming to the meeting are each from one of the other six chakras. We have always known that there is to be a meeting in the heart and also that our role is to be part of the preparations for this meeting. But what we didn’t realize was that this story was also a very specific reference to a whole new system of energy movement that links the Giant’s other six chakras to a special location in the heart.

    On our fourth visit we began to see and experience the Giant’s energy system as it begins the process of waking up. If the Giant is asleep the energy pulses circulate along the G-chi paths unconsciously. But when the Giant begins to awake a special consciousness is sometimes present at the same time an energy pulse leaves from the root or crown. This special consciousness travels with the energy pulse as it drops off energy and picks up the imprints of newly-made energy-forms while moving along the G-chi path. The energy pulse passes the heart chakra, reaches the opposite polar chakra and turns back towards the chakra where it started initially. Then when it approaches the heart chakra for the second time, the special consciousness that has been moving along with the energy pulse willfully directs the energy pulse to a place in the heart chakra which was relatively unknown and previously unused. When the energy pulse arrives there it delivers both the initial energy from outside the Giant as well as the imprints of newly-made energy forms it has picked up along the way.

    As we got better at shifting our consciousness to the Giant’s scale it became increasingly easier for us to see what was happening energetically within the Giant. Little by little, bit by bit, our abilities while in this new state of consciousness began to improve. Our relationship with the Giant Story was improving as well. We’d heard the call of the Giant’s dreaming and acted as if the Story was true. And because we did, the Story was now responding to us, continuing to evolve as we entered into its unfolding saga. This new information about the Giant’s energy system was just the Story telling us what we needed to know so we could do what we had to do next - if we wanted to take a role in the ongoing Story, we had to see with more clarity how the Giant’s energy flowed. Not surprisingly we were given the opportunity to see just that.

    We didn’t see the entire shape of this energy system right away - the diagram of energy flow on the preceding page shows the cumulative understanding we managed to reach eventually. But one thing was certainly clear at the start: transformational energy needed to be created in the Giant’s heart. And not just the heart in some general sense, but a largely unknown and unique location in the landscape of that chakra was the only place where all the various energies could come together to meet and combine. We realized right away that we already knew where this place was. It was Sweetheart Park, the small, out-of-the-way park we’d discovered early on in our first visit. It had always been a very special location for us, although, curiously, hardly any of the people who live in the city knew of this place at all. It was almost as if it didn’t exist, though for some reason this place was key to the upcoming transformational process.

     We also knew that the energy pulses never went through this place in the heart. They passed nearby, but how would they turn and take a new path that branched away from the main Gi-chi pathway? The pulses had no real consciousness, they lacked the innate ability to choose the way to go. If left to themselves they just go along the main Gi-chi path they’re already on. This is a very useful thing for keeping the Giant alive and well - the energy pulses will continue to flow throughout the Giant’s chakra body without any guidance at all. But this same automatic tendency also keeps the Giant asleep. Some special consciousness was clearly needed to alter the course of an energy pulse. It wouldn’t take much, just enough to turn it along the unused path to Sweetheart Park.


So initially we couldn’t quite see how this special consciousness might arise. Where would it come from? How would it know what it had to do? How could we help attract it to this role in the Giant’s awakening? We looked all around up and down throughout the Giant’s energy body, hoping to find just one single thing - anything - that was already there to take on this role. Wherever we looked there was nothing to be this special consciousness the process needed. Then all at once we looked at each other: what about you? What about me? We could take on this role ourselves -the special consciousness is us!

~~~~~~ The Role Of Special Consciousness ~~~~~~

    Taking on the role of special consciousness marked a pivotal point in our work with the Giant. We still didn’t understand very much about what the special consciousness did, but it was definitely true that we already knew what we needed to know to act it out. Interestingly enough we’d actually been preparing for this role for some time. On our very first visit we mapped out the Giant’s chakras and we found the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. On our second trip we tuned into the Giant’s dreaming and wrote out plays for each of the chakras. These plays all referred to an upcoming meeting that was going to take place in the Giant’s heart. On our third trip we began to prepare the meeting place in the Giant’s heart so it could receive and process new energy. And all this happened before we knew anything about the Giant’s energy system.

     When we arrived for our fourth visit we found and mapped all the G-chi paths as well as the turnings that connected them to the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. We saw the incoming energy arrive in the root and crown. We noticed energy pulses moving along the G-chi paths, around and around the Giant’s body as they picked up the newly-created energy-forms the chakras produced. Everything that we needed to know to take on this role was shown to us. This was a part we could certainly play! Because in our hearts we definitely knew we’d been called all the way to Liverpool to take on this role, summoned by the Giant’s intent to fully awaken.

    So at the end of our 4th stay we traveled with an energy pulse along the Giant’s main G-chi paths on four consecutive days. Path #1 started in the root and rose up through the chakras on the western side, crossed through the crown and descended down the eastern side until we turned the energy pulse and brought it to the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. On the second day we traveled with an energy pulse down from the crown along path #2. We descended through the chakras on the western side, crossed through the root and turned upwards again along the eastern side until we turned the energy pulse in towards the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. Path #3 started out in the crown. On that third day we traveled down the G-chi path on the eastern side of the Giant, crossed through the root and traveled upwards again along the western side until we turned the energy pulse and finally arrived at the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. On the final day we started in the root for path #4. We picked up an energy pulse and traveled with it along the path that rose along the eastern side. After crossing the crown and descending down the western side we turned the energy pulse towards the meeting place in the Giant’s heart. Four energy pulses along four different paths on four consecutive days.

    There’s a great deal to say about this experience - so much we saw and so much we did, lots of information about what this new role in the story entails. The next section of this writing will detail this, step by step and path by path. But first just a couple of general things before we proceed to what happened as we traveled along with the energy pulses.

    Sound was important. Path #1 and #4 started off in the root, and for these two paths we brought along several wooden frogs. The frogs had ridges along their backs and they produced a resonant croaking sound when a wooden mallet was dragged along their length. We sounded them often as we went along the G-chi paths. Paths #2 and #3 started in the crown and for these two paths we carried small bells which we rang as we traveled through the Giant. The sounds from the frogs and the bells were like sparks coming off of the energy pulse we were traveling with - an excellent way to express the energy that was moving along. We soon found that the frogs and the bells mostly played themselves - their sound became an extension of the energy pulse itself.



     Another thing we noticed as we walked the four paths: everything we encountered was completely significant. Nothing we saw along the way from the smallest piece of trivial trash to the loudest events occurring nearby to where we passed - nothing was unimportant. The slightest of sights was an intimate glimpse of the energy of the Giant. Everything was packed with infinite meaning on so many levels simultaneously. Most of the time we just took it all in as we walked along, but later on, even months and months later, we are still unpacking levels of intimacy as fresh as the day we were there.

    And as we walked the paths each day we began to see with more clarity the places where the Giant’s chi was blocked and unable to flow. Pools of stagnated energy were not uncommon and all sorts of curious residues were accumulating as well. We were not really drawn to intercede, content instead to note the locations and the way the various blockages presented themselves. Not a part of our present role to do anything much, though we felt a desire to return to these places. Some of the things that had lodged themselves there might prove to be useful in other locations. And we also had the feeling that these energy blockages might be excellent sites for future G-chi energy spikes.
    It took us a while to understand how we should play our part in the flow of the Giant’s chi energy. It was one thing to know in a general way how the pulses moved, but many details only came clear as we took on our role as the special consciousness and experienced it first hand. A good example of this came on the first day as we were about to start up along path #1. We knew that the energy coming in to the root collected there until it could form itself into an energy pulse. But we didn’t really know just how that worked or, more importantly, how we would see an energy pulse starting off along the G-chi path. So we sat at the hawthorn tree above the spring in the root cemetery (where we’d dug in an energy spike during our last visit) playing the frogs and wondering when our journey would begin.
    We needn’t have wondered - there were lots of clues about what to do and even when we didn’t see or follow them we still ended up doing just what was needed. On this first day we actually started to leave before an energy pulse had formed. But as we headed towards the cemetery gate we were deflected to an amazing new place where we discovered a series of small cave-like spaces that are directly connected to the ancestors (details of this can be found in the writing about path #1). And very soon after we’d made this discovery, an event occurred that let us know that an energy pulse was starting to move away from the root. Someone who was walking their dog came up to the only place that offered a view of where we were. The event of their passing occurred simultaneously with the energy pulse’s departure. The message was clear as we noticed each other: it was time for us to leave if we wanted to follow the energy pulse.

    The same thing happened on the next three days as we waited in the crown and the root to start our trek with an energy pulse. Not the exact same event of course, but an unavoidable message to us that the energy pulse was leaving. We’ve come to think of the various people who turn up this way when an energy pulse is about to start off as dispatchers because that’s what they do from our point of view. Now these people don’t have the slightest idea that they’re playing a role in the way the whole Giant Story unfolds. Surely they had their own personal story that they saw themselves to be acting within. But the tone and the timing of what they do is absolutely significant within the larger Giant Story that they aren’t really able to see. It reminded us of the lyric from the Beatles’ song Penny Lane: “And though she feels as if she’s in a play, she is anyway.”

     Generally we found that the role of special consciousness wasn’t as hard for us to take on as we thought it might be. Our ability to move along with the energy pulse became greatly improved, and we were able to see with more clarity what happened as it moved along through the various chakras. We knew already that especially emotional events occurred when the energy pulse picked up the imprints of the various energy forms it encountered. But these events took on a whole new level of expression for us in our role as special consciousness. They looked completely different, more like symbols than events, and we felt the imprint they made in a much more personal way than before. It wasn’t so much that we understood the content of each imprint, but rather the symbol that manifested when the imprint occurred demonstrated the exact structural relationship of the entire content without us having to know what it meant.

     We haven’t as yet fully understood everything contained within these symbolic events, but each event was so strong and complete that it’s still possible now for us to recall the internal structure of all that happened that day. In the writing that follows we’ve noted the symbols that manifested at the imprint exchanges along each of the four paths. We’ve highlighted certain aspects of each symbol to underline some of the emotional qualities that were part of the events that manifested. But mostly we’ve just presented them exactly as they occurred.

    Up until now our main responsibility has been to make sure that the energy pulse is turned to Sweetheart Park. To do this we don’t really need to know what each imprint means, but as we act out the role of special consciousness we are in a unique position to observe the process of the Giant’s awakening from the inside out. These symbols that we were able to see on the four days we traveled with the energy pulse were notable in that they were exactly what the Giant needed to bring to its heart to begin the transformational process. Are each of these symbols universally necessary for this process to occur or are they just the particular ones that this particular Giant needed at this particular time? This is a large question and one that we are interested in pursuing in more detail as the work with the Giant proceeds. Whatever the answer this much is certain: when we see these symbols arising within the Giant we are witnessing a basic process that is part of the ongoing evolution of consciousness.

    One thing we definitely know from acting out the role of special consciousness is that we were strongly effected by these symbols in a personal way as we witnessed them arising. We’ve also noticed that many other people in the city were effected by these energy events as well. It was particularly amazing to see how they turned up to actively act out all that occurred when the energy pulse received an imprint - everyone is so natural and perfectly placed in the symbolic arrangements these events provided. Perhaps the events were sufficiently reasonable within each of the participants personal frame of reality. But it does make you wonder: how many events in the everyday life of Liverpool occur as part of the process of the Giant’s awakening?