We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

(A general overview - part 3)



~~~~~~ Future Directions in the Work ~~~~~~

    We have also been wondering about what happens to the imprints and symbols after they reach Sweetheart Park. When we arrived each day with the energy pulse we released all the symbols while sounding the wind chimes. So we definitely know that the imprints arrived - they were there in the park when the pulse went off and away to rejoin the Gi-chi path. But at this point we don’t know what happens next. We assume that the newly-arrived imprints are used to recast the energy forms that the pulse originally encountered along the Gi-chi path. It also seems certain that these newly reconstructed energy forms would then be combined with energies already present in Sweetheart Park to bring about new and more refined energy forms. And surely the imprint of these newly-formed Sweetheart energy forms would then be released to other chakra locations so they can be used there to initiate further energy transformations. Once the energy pulse drops off the imprinted symbols in Sweetheart Park these three transformational processes must necessarily follow.

    We have not (as yet) seen or experienced the first two processes - though possibly our role as special consciousness might include us in these activities at some later time. But as it turns out we’ve already been involved with the distribution of the newly-made Sweetheart energy forms. We didn’t know this at the time, but as we work on this writing now we see that we had a role in this as we traveled with the energy pulse along the path on day #4. And strangely enough we’d unwittingly planned to take part in this activity even before arriving in Liverpool for our visit - I’d actually been working on the necessary skills I’d need to help with this process for quite a long time.

    I’ve pursued a daily meditation practice for more than 25 years. This was originally started from the Zen tradition, but over the years it has left that garden and evolved into a more personal practice while still remaining rooted in the soil of Buddhism. One thing I do is to chant every day from the various chakras, moving the sound up and down through my body from one chakra to another. A few months before our fourth visit I realized I would like to do this within and throughout the Giant. Seemed to me these same chants might work quite well in the Giant’s chakras too, and it was the one thing I actually knew how to do that might help the Giant awake. When we arrived and discovered the shape of the main G-chi paths we decided to save the chanting for the final day’s trek.

    I would usually use in that same chakra in my own body. At the time I didn’t really know just what effect this might have. But now that we’re back in Toronto again, we realize that the chanting I did in each of the Giant’s chakras was significant in some important way we didn’t grasp at the time. It seems to us now that I played a role in the release of some of the Sweetheart energy forms that had arisen from the imprints dropped off in Sweetheart Park. Very interesting! A good example of how you can take on a role and unwittingly do whatever is necessary without really knowing what’s going on. It shows that you can discover what you need to do by following your own natural intuition and doing whatever you think should be done to act out that role. Or, in other words, you don’t have to be especially conscious to take on the role of special consciousness. The role itself is conscious - the actor’s job is merely to act out the consciousness that is already there.
    The fact that you don’t really have to know what you’re doing is quite reassuring. It means that if you take on a role whole-heartedly you’ll discover what needs to be done by noticing what you’re already doing in response to what arises. If you open up to the intimacy of acting the role you have in the Story, the Story responds and shows you what the next step must be. That being said it is certainly true that once you see something new to do arising from your role, it makes sense to act it out as consciously as you can. So when we return to Liverpool we’ll focus on the Sweetheart energy forms and see if there’s something more we can do to help with their release.
And already we’ve begun to see how this energy is being released from Sweetheart Park. The places I chose for chanting that day were each nearby to one of the bamboo Gi-chi spikes we’d previously dug in the ground. Could it be that the newly made Sweetheart energy forms travel somehow from the wind chimes there to the Gi-chi spikes in the other chakras? Seems to be the most likely way; we’ve always known the spikes and the chimes were directly connected. And that being so it probably means that the conscious action of my chanting was an essential thing to begin the initial energy flow between the chimes and the spikes. So even though I didn’t know the what or why of what I was doing I spontaneously chose the correct locations for the chanting I did that day.

    This distribution of energy from the wind chimes to the bamboo Gi-chi spikes fits very well with the process we’ve observed in our role of special consciousness. Even though we didn’t know at that time what the overall goals of our work might be, our ongoing job has always been to put some specific things in place so this direct connection could occur. We hung the wind chimes in Sweetheart Park. We dug the G-chi spikes in the ground in various places throughout the Giant’s chakra landscape. We brought a number of energy pulses (and the imprints of energy forms they carried) to Sweetheart Park. We chanted at various Gi-chi spikes and initiated the flow of newly-made Sweetheart energy forms from the Giant’s heart to all the other chakras.

    So with the chanting that was done on path# 4 all the necessary parts for this new phase of the transformational process have finally been put in place. The process might take some conscious work to initiate initially, but once set in motion the Giant will be able to achieve this ongoing life activity independently of outside intervention. So this phase of the Giant’s awakening should now be able to continue on without any need of some further intervention.

     One thing that’s particularly interesting about the Sweetheart energy traveling from chimes to spikes: once the Giant begins to awake and the transformational process begins, the heart chakra becomes directly connected to all the other chakras. This is something that’s been talked about in other, more esoteric traditions. But here in the landscape of the Giant’s body it’s easily seen in a completely overt and matter-of-fact way. It may be hard to understand how this direct connection works, but it’s clear what needs to be in place for it to function this way:

1) A unique and largely unknown place in the heart must be found and opened (Sweetheart Park in the Giant).
2) Some of the life energy that circulates through the body must be brought there (the energy pulses).
3) A collector/distributer must be in place there
(the wind chimes).
4) Receptors must be in place in other chakras
(the bamboo Gi-chi spikes).
5) Consciousness must be present initially for each of these elements to interconnect and begin to function
(an actor who is taking on the role of special consciousness).

    What this transformational process might turn out to be within our own selves we can’t really say - but we can say that it looks just exactly like this within the landscape of the Giant. And since the only real difference holistically between ourselves and the Giant is one of scale, we can expect that the on-going transformational process within ourselves would be congruent with what we see in the landscape of the Giant. Now we’ve noticed that the Giant can’t wake up itself - it needs to have beings such as you and me (operating on our much smaller scale) to take on the role of special consciousness and initiate the transformational process. So it also must be for you and me that we can’t awaken our own selves either. We can only form the intent to wake up as the Giant has done on its own Giant scale. It is only by forming this intent that we make it possible for smaller-scaled beings (probably on a cellular level) to initiate the transformational process in our own selves. As stated earlier: the small shall awaken the large.

     But it isn’t necessary for the special consciousness to constantly drive the transformational process. Once the process is set into motion it continues along without outside help. Though there may be times when a new mechanism for a further phase of the process needs to be initiated, the whole shape of the Giant will accept the transformation and continue to function quite smoothly with these new energy systems in place. So. More and more energy pulses will now be drawn along the newly opened path to Sweetheart Park. Additional energy imprints will have their symbols transferred there. New energy forms will be generated in Sweetheart Park. The Sweetheart energies will travel from the chimes to the Gi-chi spikes and be used in other chakras to carry on the transformational process there. And once this process is set into motion the special consciousness isn’t needed - all the transformational processes that bring about the awakening of the Giant are built right into its structure already. Which means that it’s not even a genetic disposition, it’s a basic evolutionary quality that’s inherent to the Giant as a whole.

     That’s not to say that our work with the Giant is done, far from it. Even with regards to the new heart chakra energies there is still lots to do. Although the process has been initiated it’s still not completely ingrained. Energy pulses have a tendency now to follow the newly-opened pathways leading to Sweetheart Park. But that tendency might fade away if it’s not encouraged. So when we return to Liverpool we’ll definitely bring more energy pulses to Sweetheart Park to help instill this direction of travel in the flow of the Giant’s chi. Also it seems like a good idea to do some work at the points where the Sweetheart pathways branch away from the main Gi-chi routes. Perhaps some new landscape features should be installed in these junction points to reliably turn a few energy pulses toward Sweetheart Park. Maybe an arrow to give a clue, or a totem or two to point out the way emotionally. Or possibly an activity like a staged event or a chance to dance - why not mount a full parade to induce an energy pulse to join in and march to Sweetheart Park. Or why not just flat-out hire a student to make the walk every day for a week so an energy pulse can be shown the way.

     So there’s still much to do to strengthen the process involved with the new Sweetheart energies. And what we’ve seen in the Giant’s heart leads us to think that the same basic transformational activity will soon begin to happen in the other chakras as well. We saw how Sweetheart Park became an important place in the opening of the Giant’s heart. It occurs to us now that there must also be the same sort of place in each of the other chakras. Like Sweetheart Park they would be relatively unknown and largely unused. If energy could be attracted to these special locations in the other chakras, all the chakras could open up and transform themselves in much the same way that the Giant’s heart chakra has done.

     It’s hard not to wonder whether it always has to be the heart chakra that opens first - is it always necessary for the process of awakening to have its beginning there? For this Giant it is certainly true that the heart is the first to become directly connected and the new energy forms arising there are the first building blocks of the whole transformation. If we are able to investigate an awakening in some other Giant (or even ourselves) at some later date we may find out if the other chakras could possibly initiate the process too. Whatever the answer turns out to be, it’s clear to us that eventually all the Giant’s other chakras must open and be consciously connected to the Giant as a whole. That being so it’s important for us to see just where these special locations might be in the Giant’s other chakras.

    There’s already one thing we know right now that should help us to identify these other transformational chakra places: they’re almost certainly located nearby to the centre line of the Giant’s body. Drawing a line on the map to connect the sacred spring down in the root with the fire pit up in the crown, we see that Sweetheart Park is almost exactly aligned. Interestingly enough, two other important places we’ve found already in the Giant are very close to this centre line as well. The place where we put up the yellow room on Everton Brow is certainly the special location in the third eye chakra. And the centre courtyard in John Moores University is probably the special location for the will chakra. The main Gi-chi paths all pass nearby to these two locations, and we’ve noticed from time to time that an occasional energy pulse turns in to visit them all on its own. So it may well be that these two locations are already active to some degree, though they’re not (as yet) directly connected to the other chakras in a definite way like the Gi-chi spike and the wind chimes are for Sweetheart Park. We sense that there’s something for us to do and we’re planning to focus on these two centre-line places on upcoming visits to Liverpool.
    We’ve always known that a small grove of trees on Everton Brow is a pivotal location in the Giant’s third eye chakra. While scouting out the Giant’s chakras during our first visit we found an empty hole in this grove. When we brought the root’s spring water up to the crown we stopped there and stretched a yellow room around this hole in the whole of the Giant. On a subsequent trip we buried a bamboo spike close by. Over our various visits we’ve always found it to be a good place to sit and discus the work. It has even proved to be an excellent location for I-Ching or tarot consultations. A power spot - make no mistake, but we’ve never seen anyone else actually use this place. People pass by as they walk along the path. Tough guys on various motor devices joy-ride through the nearby gully. But no-one ever stops to access the hole that’s available here.
    During our previous four trips we put out small receptor dishes throughout the Giant’s body. They were always aimed at this location up on Everton Brow, but now we’d like to erect a larger satellite dish in the grove of trees to act like the wind chimes in Sweetheart Park and directly connect this transformational third eye location to all of the other chakras. The small receptor dishes aren’t big enough for the energy this place would transmit, so we’ll have to make some middle-sized versions to put in various places along the Gi-chi paths. They’d be just like the bamboo Gi-chi spikes we buried in the ground only up overhead in the trees.
    The centre courtyard in John Moores University could be the special location in the Giant’s will. It’s located right on the centre line nearby to the shell of St. Andrews Church on Rodney Street. From time to time energy pulses are attracted here from the nearby Gi-chi path that goes up the west side of the Giant. Like Sweetheart park this is an in-between space, one that’s not known as a place on its own but rather just somewhere along the way to some other, more important destination. It’s not well known tomost of the people who live in the city, though students use the bench from time to time in a casual way. Tthis courtyard is hard to access. It’s patrolled by security when the school is in session. When classes are finally done in the spring, the control becomes tighter - the gates to the courtyard are closed and locked after office hours as well as on Sundays and holidays.
     The Giant’s will chakra has an inherent tendency to be quite inaccessible at times. Places that seem to be open and public can suddenly close and shut down. Empty spaces are quickly filled up. It could well be the important places within the will are inside spaces: secret rooms and passageways or private walled-off courtyards. If this is true then guides may prove to be useful for gaining knowledge of and then access to the various places essential to this chakra’s eventual opening. In the heart chakra bamboo Gi-chi spikes and the wind chimes have been important to directly link Sweetheart Park to the other chakras. Receptor dishes work the same way for the Giant’s third eye. Bowls in various shapes and sizes could be important in much the same way for the Giant’s will. Perhaps a bowl could be introduced into this courtyard.

~~~~~~ Conclusion ~~~~~~

    The next major section of this writing presents the accounts of how we brought an energy pulse to Sweetheart Park on each of four consecutive days. The map that you’ll find just before it begins shows the four routes that we took. A few things should be noted about this map. First of all: the main Gi-chi paths the map depicts are not final or complete - they’re merely the best that we can do at the time of this writing. There are sure to be some parts of the path that are not exactly the way we have mapped them. There are many reasons for this. As mentioned earlier there are places in the Giant’s landscape where the paths themselves have become blocked and obstructed. The energy pulses (and we map-makers too) have had to find ways to navigate through these uncertain sections. Also we’ve only recently discovered three of these four main Gi-chi paths. The downward paths on both sides of the Giant are new to us and we haven’t had time to explore them sufficiently. There are bound to be changes after we’ve had some time to consider them in more detail on upcoming visits to Liverpool.

    Secondly it should be understood that the size of each chakra as depicted on the map does not reflect a one-to-one match with the size of that chakra as it actually exists in the Giant. The Giant’s upper chakras as shown on the map seem to be larger than we know them to be in our own chakra selves. There is a reason for this; the Giant’s chakras are very complex in a multi-dimensional way. For all their complexities to be expressed they need to be spread out more spatially when mapped out in such a three-dimensional format. So they take up more space on a city map than they actually have in the Giant. But rest assured that when they are folded back into the Giant’s more multi-dimensional space they will be congruent relatively to the space our own chakras occupy.

     We’ve covered a lot of ground in this overview of our work. It started with a simple Story about a sleeping Giant trying to awake. We discovered that though it’s a simple Story, it’s a sentient one that can form a relationship with anyone willing to take on a role in it’s unfolding. We talked about Scale and the Landscape revealed when we start to understand the relative size that the Giant has in relation to our human selves. While looking into the Landscape of the Giant we were able to see the extent of its chakras and how the energy system operates to keep the Giant alive while it sleeps. And finally we’ve seen how the role of special consciousness can initiate a transformational process that finally leads inescapably to the Giant’s awakening.

    And all this came about because we answered a call from the Giant itself. Everything that we’ve done so far and all that must follow from this moment on, it’s all been to help the Giant wake up. But what about our own situation? Is there not any possibility for us to awaken too? From everything that we’ve seen in the Giant the only thing that we can do is to form the intent to awaken. Still, however, there is some hope that we might wake up too. The transformational process we’ve seen begin within the Giant is an evolutionary one. The potential for transformation from one level to another (waking up) is part of the fabric of any whole being whether it is on the scale of a Giant or that of a human. We may not be able to wake ourselves up, but like the Giant the possibility of transformation is coded into our basic structure. And once the transformational process starts, it can’t be lost - it becomes a new and indigenous part of the structure of the whole.

    So don’t be put off by the strangeness you find as you read this writing. The voice that you hear drifting through your mind is only a Story reaching out to you from some other level (perhaps of yourself) somewhere deep inside. Imagine for a moment that you’re a Giant yourself, not the Liverpool Giant, but some other Giant perhaps. And what if by some amazing fluke you discovered a diary or overheard a conversation by some of the very small cells in your body discussing the details of all that they found while they were trying to wake you up. They might sound naive, primitive even, more like something you heard in a dream. Maybe this writing you’re reading now is just such a document in fact. You never know: something just exactly like this only completely different might be going on within you right now.

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