One of the first things we’re planning to do when we arrive in Liverpool is to make a whole lot of Giantwater to use throughout the time that we’re there. It came to us as part of a dream that the Giant’s been dreaming: on the night of the full moon on Oct 7 we’ll potentize a bowlful of water from a fresh water spring-fed well. We’ll help the Giant’s energy flow into the water in much the same way that an essence is made, but using the moon instead of the sun to transfer the Giant’s vibration. How it all works, it’s hard to say cause we don’t really know, but that’s okay - we won’t be doing that much ourselves. It’s the Giant who’s pouring its energy in - we’ll just be there to pay attention and bottle it up.

Giantwater is key to our cause. Maybe it’s partly an I Ching thing - nourishment from the well and all - but it’s also a way that the Giant’s dream can penetrate through to the everyday world. It’s one thing to hear about the Giant story the way you are now, and it’s one thing more to start to believe that the story is true. But joining the story, that’s a whole different level, it’s the only way to get beyond where you are right now and past what you’ve done before. Because if the Giant remains out there and you stay inside where you are right now, you and the Giant will always be separate, not one but two and how can either of you awake?

So fine, okay, that’s great you might say, but how big a splash can a bowl of water make, even a big one? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. We won’t use this water we potentize full strength on it’s own - we’ll just need a couple of drops to pass on the Giant’s vibrational tone. Kind of a homeopathic thing, this guy Edward Bach was onto this all some seventy odd years ago. Drop a few drops of our potentized water into another fresh bottle of water and presto, you have it all over again! You’ve potentized a whole new batch! Crazy? So what! It’s not like there’s any substance involved, it’s only the vibration that keeps moving on from one bottle of water to alter another.


Now there’s sure to be a big demand for this potentized Giantwater. Lots of people carry water bottles wherever they go - so we’ll add a few drops from our Giantwater stock and presto! their bottle becomes a bottle of Giantwater too. We’ll print some sticky-back labels to stick to the bottles of water we potentize and here’s what the labels will say: Giantwater (Liverpool 2006); we could add on the Giant’s signature too, and maybe a slogan - “drink me” should do to give it a bit of surreal appeal.


And what a wonderful thing it would be if everyone who was part of the play could drink in the Giant every day as they worked together. And Giantwater would be useful too as a cleansing tool - we could wash down the City Council steps, or maybe the doors of the office for the biennial - we’d be glad to visit any place that wants to prepare for a visit from an awakened Giant. And what’s the cost for a vibrational wash? Just the same as a simple boost to a person’s personal water bottle: give away something of yourself to the Giant to help the Giant awake.

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