Root Chakra Play

(1st Journey)


(2nd Journey)


(2nd Journey)


A mature woman at the fullness of her power leaves her forest cave in the Middle Earth Realm to come to the meeting in the Heart. She arrives at night in St. James cemetery. She is carrying a piece of the Primal Rock. It’s heavy, of the earth and has a complex shape. It’s main quality and strength is receptivity. Over a number of nights the woman moves throughout the cemetery and one by one she gathers four different spirits into the rock she carries. First the Water Sprite of the Sacred Spring; then the Dryads from the nearby trees; next the ghosts of the human heros who are buried there; and finally a single ray of moonlight.

    It’s the dead of night when the Gatherer arrives in St. James cemetery. She is traveling to the meeting in the Giant’s Heart, though she isn’t going there right away. She must stop for a while in the Root chakra first to gather a few essential things the group will need. Now others might feel a bit ill at ease to visit this place so late at night, but the Gatherer comes from the Middle Earth Realm and is well accustomed to spirits and ghosts and all sorts of strangely shaped beings.

    She has brought a piece of the Primal Rock to hold what she needs to gather in. It’s a weighty thing, heavy and hard, though well enough balanced to hold in the palm of her hand. Its complex shape looks like no single thing yet reminds the mind’s eye of many. Years and years and years ago, centuries and centuries, in eons gone by, when elves and dwarves walked the human world, it was once a familiar thing. Now it is something unimaginable, yet strangely fascinating.

    The Gatherer must gather in four different types of entities into this piece of the Primal Rock. She isn’t at all in a hurry though - time works very differently for those such as she. It could be she stays just a single night, or perhaps it is more, two nights, a week or a even month who can say? If you were watching the whole of the time you might see her sometimes and sometimes not, a dream-like form amidst the mist. But to the Gatherer it is only one moment, one single event as she moves through the night with a glowing piece of the Primal Rock in the palm of her hand.

    First she goes to the Sacred Spring and calls to the spirit who makes her home there. They talk for a while in a watery way about times when the world was a larger place with room for all who sprang from the source and carried the spark of their true home within. No longer so, there are only a few that remain behind with humankind and even those are much harder to see. And now a few of the Primary Folk are returning again from their distant Realms. They’ll need the spring’s power of purity and it’s cleansing energy. And the Water Sprite of the Sacred Spring consents to send a part of itself along to help the group that is meeting in the Heart, so the Gatherer gathers it in.

    Next the Gatherer visits the trees and speaks with each of their Dryads. She tells them the group that is meeting in the Heart has need of their vitality, their strength of being and their ability to express compassion and gratitude. The trees and the Dryads all agree to send a part of their spirit along, so the Gatherer gathers them in.

    The Gatherer goes to the haunted places and calls to the heroes buried there to lend their courage to the meeting in the Heart, to protect the group from aggression and fear. The heroes agree to do all that and more so the Gatherer gathers them in.

    Finally the Gatherer calls to the moon and asks it to share it’s intuition and give the group visions of what is to come. The moon never speaks but a ray of moonlight drops down from the sky, so the Gatherer gathers it in.

    All this happens in a single moment stretched out through the length of a number of nights. And as time flickers and the spirits come out to be gathered in, the wind races through the inbetween spaces rejoicing for all that has happened before and is happening now and will happen again sometime soon.

    When the Gatherer arrives at the meeting in the Heart she finds an old lantern already there. There are four separate shutters faced four different ways. When she puts the piece of the Primal Rock inside the lantern, she finds that it’s light shines out differently depending on which of the shutters is opened. The light from the spirit of the Sacred Spring purifies water and food and air and is also an aid to healing. The light that comes from the Dryads and trees brings renewed strength when the body is tired. It also gives rise to a sense of compassion and banishes all selfish thoughts. When the light of the human heroes shines forth much courage is gained and it gives the group protection from aggression and fear. When the single ray of moonlight is seen it shows the way of the path with heart and gives a quick glimpse of future events.


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