Will Chakra Play

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(2nd Journey)


A wise old artisan from across the Great Water arrives in the Will chakra. By following the path on an oilskin map he finds the entrance to an ancient well which is hidden within the city landscape and invisible to those who live nearby. By summoning and interacting with the spirit of the well he is able to make a collection of transformative instruments. While he works he becomes younger. When the work’s done, the spirit of the well gives him a long rectangular wooden box so that he can safely carry the instruments to the meeting.

   The Artisan arrives in the Giant’s Will chakra at the height of noon. He has come a long way from his island home, sailing his craft across the Great Water until he lands in Liverpool. He goes immediately to the location of an ancient well he knows about from an oilskin map that’s been handed down through his family for years. But he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, at least not at first. The place on the map is nothing out of the ordinary, just another bleak and dirty driveway beside an old rundown building. The Artisan doesn’t know where else to go. He checks the map a second time. He’s definitely found the right place all right, but the ancient well is nowhere in sight.

    When the artisan returns again by night he is much more successful. The map looks different by the light of the moon, it shows a new path leading off through the streets. At first the Artisan is reluctant to move away from the well. But the map is true and it leads him through the strange and forgotten ways of the city until he arrives at a curious place where an oddly carved stone is discovered. He also discovers a crusty old man. The stone and the man are connected somehow, so when the Artisan picks up the stone and starts back, the crusty old man comes along with him too.

    The man turns out to be a Mason who worked on buildings a long time ago when the city was just beginning to grow. When they return to the driveway outside the old building, the Mason becomes quite excited. He knows the place well and tells many stories as he runs his hands along the wall. He suddenly comes to a niche where a stone has fallen away from the wall and left an empty space. The Artisan looks at the stone he’s just found. It looks like it fits the niche perfectly. When he inserts it into the space, it clicks right in and completes a carving that he now can see depicts the moon.

    The door of the building slowly opens. Very strange, but it gets stranger yet - when the Artisan turns to ask the Mason what he thinks of it all, he finds that the Mason is no longer there. For a moment or two the Artisan stands alone in the moonlight a little unsure about what to do. He finally decides to enter the building to see what’s there. He half expects to find the well he’s been looking for, but it appears to be just an industrial space in need of work and repair. Although he investigates the building carefully he’s unable to find anything unusual there.

    He comes back again the following night. As he stands outside the open door he sees that his map has changed again and a new path is being shown. He decides to see where it will lead. He goes along many more different streets than he traveled the night before. Eventually he finds a strangely carved piece of wood. The crusty old man from the night before is sitting nearby. When the Artisan picks up the wood and starts back, the crusty old man comes along as well.

    This time the man claims to be a Carver who worked with the wood inside the old buildings when the city was young many years ago. When they return to the building and go inside, the Carver becomes quite excited to see all the ways the place has been fashioned. He’s particularly drawn to a carving against the wall in the back of a dusty back room. There’s a piece of the carving missing there, it’s just the shape of the one that was found by the Artisan earlier that night. When he inserts it into the empty space, it clicks right in and completes the carving so he now can see it depicts a well.

    A rumbling sound reverberates through the entire building, causing the walls and even the floor to shake. When the Artisan turns to ask the Carver what happened, he finds that the Carver has disappeared. But when he looks around for the source of the sound he finds that the building has shifted itself to reveal an ancient well. The top is covered with a wooden hatch which is locked down in place. There’s a metal engraving affixed to the boards, part of which is missing.

    The Artisan knows what he must do. He returns the next night and follows the path that appears on the map. It leads him to another strange place where he finds the missing piece of the metal engraving. The crusty old man is there of course too, claiming to be an Engraver this time, and he follows the Artisan back to the well.

    When the missing engraving is put in its place on the side of the well, the cover on top rolls away in a cloud of smoke. The Engraver is surrounded by smoke as well. When the air clears the Engraver is gone and the Spirit of the Well is there in his place.

    The Spirit of the well has been posing as the crusty old man to examine the Artisan’s worth. She is satisfied that he is truly the one to bring the tools to the meeting in the Heart and agrees to help him in his work.

    Under the guidance of the spirit of the well, the Artisan begins making the tools. Interestingly enough, a theatre moves into the building where the ancient well is hidden. And although the actors rehearsing there can’t see the spirit, their performances often draw energy from the depths of the well. As he makes the tools the Artisan notices that each one has some quality of the play performed when the tool was made. Some of the content of the play itself goes into the tool and gives it more power.

    At the same time the Artisan notices that he is growing younger as he works. Originally he was sixty five, but the years drop away as his work progresses. Is the water the Artisan drinks from the well causing this? The spirit never says, but the Artisan notices that when she dips the tools into the well’s clear water they take on a glow that stays for a while after they’re dried and put away.

    The Spirit of the well helps the Artisan to make five tools in all. The last step in the making of each is to add in the ability each tool needs to perform its work. When this stage is reached the Spirit of the well sends the Artisan out into the city with the nearly completed tool. By following a path that reveals itself as the quest continues on, the Artisan comes to take part in an event which contains and gives forth the energy that is needed to animate the tool he has forged. Not surprisingly the Spirit of the well turns up along the path wearing the guise of various characters.

    When the Artisan finally finishes the tools, the spirit of the well puts them into a long rectangular wooden box so they can be safely carried to the meeting in the Heart. When the Artisan arrives there, the Keepers of the Heart give him the jar of glass sand that’s been waiting there in the dusty old trunk. The Artisan pours the sand into the box and stands the tools up inside. They all start to glow in much the same way that they did when dipped in the ancient well. The Artisan quickly realizes that the glass sand is used to strengthen the tools and make them powerful.


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