Throat Chakra Play

(1st Journey)


(2nd Journey)


(2nd Journey)


The Dancer arrives in the Throat chakra from the Archival Realm where all the stories and songs and dances of a vanished civilization are stored. She reaches back into the archives and brings forth an important myth that took its form many years ago. People listen and begin to dance. They soon come alive within the myth and directly experience their distant past. Three dances are danced on three separate nights. As the final dancing reaches its climax, three seeds materialize. The Dancer will bring one to the meeting; the people will plant the second in their community; the third will be planted in some other place as the ancient stories and dances are performed.

    The Dancer arrives in the Throat chakra just before sunrise. She is traveling from the Archival Realm where the stories and songs and dances of all the vanished civilizations are stored. She emerges from the grassy mounds in the large empty park. These mounds are actually ancient barrows which are all that remains from some distant past. Many important artifacts are buried there and the barrows act as a hidden portal that connects the Throat chakra with the Archival Realm.

    The Dancer moves about the park, using her dancing as a way to become familiar with the space. It’s still quite early and no people come by, so she dances all by herself as the sunlight begins to warm the field. By the time the people are up and about, she has already retired inside the barrows, so no-one notices that she has arrived and she remains unseen by the folks living there for quite some time.

    For the first little while she stays in the barrows during the day, studying the things that are buried there and learning their stories and songs. At night she comes out and dances in the field by the light of the moon and stars. Little by little the people nearby begin to notice that something is not the same as before. Music is heard, but not the sort that usually comes from a passing car or a stereo. It is ancient music that slips through the night, and one by one the people appear at the edge of the park, their bodies drawn there by some unseen force from the world of long ago. Some catch a glimpse of the Dancer dancing, a few move out to join her there, at first just to watch but eventually one or two people are dancing too without knowing the steps or the reason why.

    As time goes by the Dancer begins to come out in the daytime, dancing with the mist or amidst the rain. More and more people notice she’s there and gather to watch and sometimes dance too. The Dancer is happy to include them in, she brings out a few of the ancient artifacts that are buried in the barrow. She tells them the stories she’s learned from all the things that are buried there. As interest grows the people start to teach each other the stories and songs and pass along the history that has been forgotten for so very long. They learn a way to move together, and start to dance a folk dance of sorts, but on such a large scale that it’s much more than that, an enactment in fact of the ways that were known in the days long ago.

    Eventually everyone meets in the field on three separate nights in consecutive months when the moon is full to dance three different dances. Each dance connects to the one before and all are part of an ancient trilogy that once belonged to the people there. The Dancer dances and the people do too, moving together throughout the field and making the ancient communal patterns that no one person can do alone. The group itself becomes the story and everything that has gone before and been forgotten is there again in the movement shapes that ebb and flow across the field. Heros and villains come forth from the barrows to join the dancers, characters from the distant nights so long ago mingle with those of the present day.

    During the dance of the first full moon three plants appear growing up from the ground of the barrow mounds. It’s the dance itself that brings them forth, calling them up from the depths of the earth. When they dance again at the next full moon, the three plants begin to blossom and bloom. On the third full moon when they dance again, the plants each produce a single seed making three in all. The woman will bring the first to the meeting; the people will plant the second in their community; the third will be planted in some other place as the ancient stories and dances are performed throughout the city.

    When the woman arrives at the meeting in the Heart, she plants the seed she has brought with her in the red clay pot that has been waiting there in the dusty old trunk. What grows from the seed will be very important for the task the group must do


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