Crown Chakra Play

(1st Journey)


(2nd Journey)


(2nd Journey)


An innocent young woman with a chattery disposition has traveled from the Celestial Realm to attend the meeting in the Heart. She arrives in the Crown chakra of the Giant carrying an elixir in a glass vial which is etched with the emblem of The Rose. Her arrival starts the wheel of dharma turning. She summons six emissaries from the Celestial Realm and sends each to a different chakra to influence the course of events that lead to the upcoming meeting. For those who are able to see her she is known as the Rearranger.

   In the middle of the afternoon, The Rearranger arrives in the field just above the Iron Church at the top of the Giant’s crown. She speaks to the plants and the insects and birds and even to people who happen by, chattering away continually. She asks lots questions and gives lots of answers. She moves rocks and stones, she sets up shrines and defines new places in the empty field. She rearranges many things, giving special attention to the fire area in the middle of the space. First she cleans out the garbage and firms up the borders, she combs out the ashes until they are smooth, then she draws some runes all around the edges before placing six stones inside the pit in a careful arrangement. The soft sound of bells seem to jingle in the air wherever she is and wherever she was and wherever she’s going to be next.

   The general rearranging of the space of the field and the arrangement of stones that she’s placed in the fire pit turns out to be a summoning call to beings from the Celestial Realm. Over a period of days and nights six emissaries arrive, one by one. There’s a special event when each appear. Everything happens spontaneously with great celebration and joyous noise. Bells and ribbons and flutes are involved and it’s not unusual for there to be an overabundance of hats. Sometimes it’s all about colours or leaping or laughing or twirling around and around and then falling down into heaps on the ground. Other characters like fortune tellers and morris dancers are often attracted to the festivities. And all of it happens quite suddenly, all at once there’s a hubbub of motion and noise and fun, and then just as suddenly everything’s done (though the inbetween time can go on for a while, a single instant stretched out and extended).

   When the event concludes, the Rearranger makes a special place in the field for each of the emissaries. Then they consult and together they reach conclusions as to what might be needed in the plays taking place in the Giant’s other chakras. When all is decided she brings out a hoop and spins it along while singing a song from a time very long ago. When the song is through she hands the hoop on to the emissary who spins it away through the entrance gate to Everton Brow going off and away to a chakra play somewhere else down below.

   As the six other chakra plays begin to unfold, the emissaries return to the Crown and consult with the Rearranger from time to time. Together they spin off new events to include in the plays in the other chakras. Usually the emissaries meet with her in the park where they first arrived; but from time to time the meeting occurs in the pub just opposite the Iron Church. Mysterious packages (sometimes from the Celestial Realm, sometimes from one of the other chakra plays) are left in the pub for the Rearranger to pick up. Audiences can sometimes connect with her play by waiting for her there.

   When it is finally time for the meeting in the Heart, the Rearranger sets off with her small glass vial of the Crown Rose Elixir. The elixir contains the power of resurrection and rebirth; and when she arrives at the meeting, the Rearranger pours out a drop on the dried-up rose that was found in the trunk by the Keepers of the Heart. The dried-up rose comes back to life and turns out to be an essential tool in the task that the group must perform.


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