Some general notes about the Sleeping Giant Plays

The outlines that are presented here are for seven inter-connected plays that take place inside the landscape of the Liverpool Giant. The general theme that unites them all is relatively simple: the Liverpool Giant is waking up, and because this is so an important meeting will soon take place in the Giant’s Heart.

These outlines are purposely incomplete. None are meant to be the full story - just the very broadest of strokes have been written down. Much of the content will only arise when the plays are enacted - it’s the very enactment itself that defines what each of the plays will eventually be. But still, even so, a sense of the over-all structure is helpful to see a way to enter in and begin to take on a meaningful part.

First thing to know: this structure arose from the Giant itself. Here’s how it happened: in October 2006 we took a bowl of the Root’s spring water up from the Root to the Giant’s Crown. We stopped in each of the other chakras along the way, focusing on the energy there and drawing a tarot card. Six months later we brought fire back down from the Crown to the Root. Along the way we focused on the conscious dream the Giant was dreaming and drew two cards in each of the chakras. The outlines of the plays evolved from these experiences with the Giant. At the start of each outline you’ll find the cards we drew for that chakra - the first in the middle and the following two on either side. The words in the box underneath are the best we can find to describe the conscious dream we received.

The second thing to know is this: These outlines are just of the main story line associated with each of the chakras. Other very important stories are bound to arise and be enacted as the Giant’s awakening proceeds. So if you feel something missing here, it might well be that you know something more that needs to be done to help the Giant awake. And if you do why not bring it out and add it in to the emerging shape of the Giant plays? These outlines aren’t meant to keep stories out, they’re meant to encourage new stories in.

Another thing to consider is this: when you or I try to wake ourselves up it’s a very interior thing. It’s a work that we do inside our own selves that even our own selves can’t easily see. But because it’s the Giant that’s waking up, what usually happens internally is completely externalized. The Giant is such a different size that the process of its awakening becomes an entire landscape to us, a space that we can move about and find a place within. And if we decide to take on a role in the unfolding story of the Giant’s awakening, we can experience that transformation ourselves by being a part of the way it plays out.

One last thing: these seven plays will play themselves out over an extended period of time. It’s not so much that the plays are so long, it’s more that the Giant’s time frame is different from the one we’re familiar with. It’s all more or less a question of scale. These Giant plays are epic stories from our point of view. They might seem to us to go on and on for days and months and even years - but they’re actually only the ongoing dreams of a single night for the Sleeping Giant.

The Play In The Heart Chakra
The Play In The Crown Chakra
The Play In The Third Eye Chakra
The Play In The Throat Chakra
The Play In The Will Chakra
The Play In The Hara Chakra
The Play In The Root Chakra

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