Hara Chakra
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(2nd Journey)


An experienced and worldly man leaves his oasis in the Desert Realm and rides towards the meeting. He brings his songs and his art along, as well as an inherited alchemical recipe. He’s singing a hearty song to the rhythm of his camel’s stride as he rides along through the starlit night. When he arrives in the Giant’s Hara he takes up residence in the burnt-out church. He organizes many artistic events, exhibitions, concerts and shows throughout the Hara.

The Alchemist leaves his oasis home in the Desert Realm. He is happy to be traveling again and looks forward to what the future may bring. When he arrives in the Giant’s Hara he slips into the burnt-out church without being seen. He decides it’s the perfect place to live and finds a way into the hidden crypt. He’s an experienced and worldly fellow, a bit of a sensualist at heart, though his inherent talent is to take what’s base and course in form and make it more refined. He tries to transform whatever he finds, and sometimes he even achieves the sublime, though sometimes it goes the other way and the sensual side is merely expanded and made more sensational.

The Alchemist moves throughout the artistic community in the Giant’s Hara, making connections wherever he can with musicians, performers and visual artists. He becomes a local impresario. He organizes exhibitions and other artistic events, he operates venues and late-night clubs as well as intimate small cafés. Part of the reason he does all this is to keep things lively and flowing free. But underneath there’s a particular goal that very few realize he pursues. He is gathering the many ingredients for a special alchemical recipe that’s been passed down to him through his family. It’s never been the time nor place for the recipe before. But now that the time is finally right he’s eager to try it, he’s sure it’ll work magnificently.

There all many small things in the recipe that he needs to collect from the people he sees and deals with day-to-day. He also collects the everyday emotions we all display and then throw away. Even the most negative emotions are needed for the recipe. But the main ingredient that he needs the most is an energy that can only be collected successfully from a group activity of a certain sort. Partly a feeling, partly an action, its flavour is raw and excitingly sweet. The late-night clubs are especially good at providing this key material. So the Alchemist hides small collector pails wherever he holds an event or a show. Various other ways and means are used as well: entrance carpets, ticket stubs, anything that’s been handled or rubbed, even certain common coins (the 50p particularly) - are very good collectors of the energy he requires.

And then in the early morning hours when everyone else has gone home to bed, the Alchemist tours his many venues and picks up all the collector pails and bags of stubs and coins. He brings them back to the burnt-out church. And when he’s collected everything he needs to use as part of his recipe he starts up the apparatus that he’s set up in the hidden crypt beneath the nave of the church. Bubbling beakers of vapoured emotions, barrels of lusts and secret excitements, bins and tins of feelings and needs, simmering pots of desires and greed, pans of delight, pails of passion - they’re all thrown in to become much more than the sum of the parts of the mix as a whole.

And in the end when the process is done and everything is transformed and transfixed, a number of different things are made, each of them useful in a different way: A leathery substance like dried out fruit, a cinnamon cake, a thick brown syrup, a sweet honey cider, sticky white pollen that’s rolled into balls, a fermented nectar that’s strong like mead and a brightly energized clear elixir. There’s more of the first and much less of the last, to get just a drop of clear energy liquid a whole flask of nectar needs to be made. And to make a flask of nectar he needs to produce a jug of cider, a big box of cakes and a very large crate of the dried fruit leather.

The Alchemist needs this clear elixir to take to the meeting in the Heart, so it takes a lot of collecting for him to make the required amount. And it also means that he ends up with a large quantity of the other products produced by the process. But each is quite useful in its own way so he sends them off to the appropriate chakra for others to use in the course of their work. This usually works out well enough, so long as each product is distributed to the proper destination.

The fermented nectar particularly can be a bit of a problem. Sometimes the devil, sometimes the king, the Alchemist occasionally gives some away to his fellow artists to use. In the proper amount at the proper time it can turn out to be a catalyst to a higher sort of activity. For those who are already well-prepared it promotes and encourages consciousness. But for those who haven’t prepared enough it’s effect is too euphoric and it easily turns to a raucous debauched sensuality. Either way it’s an exciting thing for the Alchemist to proffer to his friends.

When the Alchemist finally produces enough of the clear elixir, he fills a small bottle and brings it to the meeting in the Heart. When he arrives he finds a set of seven small cups already there, waiting for him to pour some in so the group can share the elixir’s transformative power.

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