Third Eye Chakra
(1st Journey)


(2nd Journey)


(2nd Journey)


A mentally strong and visionary explorer leaves the Realm of Mountain and Sky to bring an ancient book to the meeting in the Heart. This book is crucial to everyone there: it contains the story of the very group they will soon become as they take on the task they must do together. The book is locked, but there is no doubt that everything the group needs to know is written inside. The explorer is exhausted from his long journey. When he arrives on Everton Brow he falls asleep. When he awakes the book is gone and he has forgotten his mission. With the help of others he remembers that there is a meeting to attend and he begins to search for the missing book.

An Explorer from the far away Realm of Mountain and Sky arrives on top of Everton Brow in a hot air balloon. It is just before sunset when he throws out the anchor and comes down the rope ladder carrying a sack filled with many things he’s discovered in his travels. The Explorer is feeling triumphant. One of the items inside the sack is an ancient book; it’s the perfect thing to bring to the meeting. Though the book is locked and he can’t read it yet, the Explorer is sure that the book contains everything the group needs to know to accomplish the task they must do. He smiles to himself as he looks down at the city below, turning to gold in the last rays of daylight. All he has to do now is stroll down the hill, surely the first to arrive.

But the Explorer is very tired from his long voyage in the hot air balloon. He decides to sleep before continuing on. He walks a short ways along the Brow until he finds a small grove of trees near a fast flowing brook. He lies down in the grass as the afterglow begins to fade and the first stars of night appear in the sky, his head resting on the book he has brought. Soon he is fast asleep.

He awakes again just before the dawn. Everything is completely still, dark with shadows as the first light of morning begins to show just below the horizon. The nearby brook no longer flows, the water is gone and the banks are exposed, the bottom is rocky and dry. The small mill building that was there nearby just the night before has disappeared, not even foundations remain. The Explorer’s head is resting on the ground, the book he was bringing to the meeting in the Heart is nowhere in sight.

The Explorer is very disoriented. He doesn’t remember where he came from and how he came to be where he is now. He has completely forgotten all about the meeting and has no memory of the book at all. He does have a feeling there’s something important he should be doing; that he’s missing something he used to have. As the sun finally rises and the morning brightens, he wanders about through the park on the Brow looking and searching, he knows not for what. By chance he comes across the anchor that once was tied to his hot air balloon. It looks familiar but he can’t quite place it; six feet of rope is still attached but all other clues are gone.

The Explorer begins to realize there is something important he’s forgotten about. Sometimes it seems that he’s just on the brink of remembering, but the closer he gets, the faster his memory recedes and he never recalls what he’s lost at all. For many days he wanders alone through the 3rd eye chakra lost in a fog of forgetting.

Eventually an emissary from the Crown arrives and gathers a number of people together to help the Explorer remember his mission. They find a number of the missing items from the explorer’s sack and enact the adventures he had when he found them originally. Each of these items had a pivotal role when the Explorer first found the book he’s now lost. By reconstructing their initial stories, the Explorer finally remembers the book and discovers where it has gone.

When the missing book is finally secured and the Explorer arrives at the meeting in the Heart, the key that is there in the dusty old trunk is the one that can unlock the book. Everyone is surprised to find that the pages are blank. But as the meeting continues and choices are made, words begin to appear. Eventually the story of the group itself and the task they must do is revealed.

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