Traveling With The Pulse Along Path #1 (March 13, 2008)

Heart to Crown


~~~~~~~ Heart ~~~~~~~

    The energy pulse darted across Mt Pleasant Ave and into the heart chakra. As we came close to the community college we saw the pulse in front of us, lighting up a young man who was running across the street. He was very flamboyantly dressed in colourful flowing fabrics. While his long bare legs made a dash for the community college, the colours flowed out behind him like the feathers of some exotic bird. He ran along with the pulse for a quick breezy moment. He had dressed and made up his face to challenge everyone with an outrageously provocative stereotype. And his efforts were heightened by the pulse, which is probably something he didn’t reckon on. He disappeared into the college very quickly after we saw him but he left a flash of amazement in his wake. The effect was sweet and innocent and vulnerable and dangerously naïve.

    The pulse had this encounter just around the corner from Sweetheart Park. But even though it’s so close, the pulse cannot just take the imprint of this event right into Sweetheart Park. It must carry it all the way along the G-chi path that leads up to the crown before turning around and coming back down as far as the heart chakra. At that point it will come across a path that leads off the main G-chi path and into Sweetheart Park. We are committed to ensuring that this path will be taken.

    So the young man is in the same situation as the pulse. His proximity to Sweetheart Park doesn’t mean that it is readily accessible to him at this point. Well, he could get there alright, via the minor channels that lead to the park, but it wouldn’t mean anything to him, he wouldn’t have accessed that part of the Giant’s heart which is useful to him. He wouldn’t, in other words, be able to find Sweetheart Park on his own whether or not he stumbled into the little park around the corner. And the energy form that was surrounding him, including him, can’t flow into Sweetheart Park except via the main paths. A change of levels is so close, it looked like his body could sense the proximity of it, but there’s a longer path to travel than it seems at first. In fact, though, his timing was perfect and he was more successful than he could ever know. When he flashed across the street the pulse was immediately right with him and the imprint was made. This imprint of his open-hearted action will be brought to Sweetheart Park without his knowing it. The symbol that was imprinted on the pulse was:

A provocatively, flamboyantly-dressed young man flashes across the street and disappears into the refuge of a community college.

   The pulse scooted away from the man when he entered the college, keeping to the path as it turned west at Clarence and Brownlow Hill. It took us a few minutes to get past that corner due to the heavy traffic but when we did we stepped over the short metal pipe barrier into the field that we call Bigheart Park. The pulse had entered here in the same way that a river flows into a lake and while it spread throughout the field we had time to look around and remember this place. This is another energetically unique landscape in the Giant. An expansive place. We walked around playing the frogs, breathing deeply and enjoying the openness of the field.
    An old hydro building takes up the northwest corner of the field. It’s amazingly similar to the image we had of a place in the Giant’s heart chakra before we came to Liverpool for the first time. In the preliminary dreaming and planning stages we saw a combination of outdoor and indoor space that would be the site of the main play. We thought we’d need to build some sort of transformer to step down the Giant’s large energies to human scale. So when we arrived in 2006 and found this field and old transformer building we knew we were on the right track. The building is no longer in use, it’s closed up tight. Nevertheless, some bighearted events have happened here.
    The first event that occurred here was in the fall of 2006. Three of us began a walk at the spring in the root chakra and we carried a bowl of the spring water all the way up to the crown. We made an open invitation for people to join us for the walk up this first Giant path that had been discovered. We made it known what time we would arrive in Bigheart Park so that they could meet us there. Six people were waiting for us when we arrived. We posted the map of the Giant’s body on the wall of the old hydro building and pointed out the path we were on.

    After some talk everyone began to move around freely within the field, all the while staying aware of the emotions we were feeling, until we came to a natural stop. Then we each picked up some object that was in our vicinity, anything that we were attracted to, and brought it to the exposed rock in the middle of the field. Everyone did this and within about 15 minutes we were all gathered around the bowl of water and a collection of objects.

    There were very large emotions present that no one person could claim but that everyone was feeling and being affected by. These emotions were bigger than the objects, bigger than anyone’s stories about their objects, bigger than anyone’s personal feelings. Which is not to say that the personal feelings were drowned out or overcome, not at all. They were accentuated. This fact made it difficult for some people to be comfortable with what was going on. For instance, someone came to the centre with a handful of small items and threw them down disdainfully. Other items were placed more carefully but there was still a general inability to take up the invitation to handle the objects and move them around, to make some group arrangement.

    There was an extended time while everyone was being encouraged to do so but only a few people took up the offer to participate. The pieces that had been thrown were handled carefully, gently, then placed back on the ground again which made them look entirely different – they shone from within, they were at ease and perfectly themselves. Everyone then breathed more easily as a result. It takes some effort to overcome the resistance to participating in this work. Usually the effort needed is small but it’s still a momentous step to take - from identifying with the personal emotions to participating in the conscious work of the Giant. It’s a change of scale.

    After the objects were in their final arrangement strings of colourful flags were handed around to each person and we all moved backwards, stretching the flags between us so that together we made a much larger circle. The landscape’s emotions that everyone was now feeling found expression in movement and chanting. A great joy spread through this part of the Giant’s body and the whole circle was animated with a power beyond each personality. The time with the objects had gathered in the emotional energy and now this dance was letting it out. The more we chanted, the more everyone had the opportunity to let go of themselves and enter into the Bighearted presence. This is the work we were here to do – to let the landscape’s emotions move through us. The circle slowly moved around clockwise. This lasted for about 10 minutes then gradually the chant died down and the dance was done.

    The three of us who had begun in the root chakra now packed up our things, put on our rain coats and headed north. The day had grown cold and wet. But we were full of a quiet inner joy, bright eyes smiling to each other, wordless.

   That event left its memory in the field we were now walking through again, 1 ½ years later. The joy stayed with us while exiting Bigheart Park at its north end and following the pulse as it continued along the G-chi path that crosses Russel St.

   A few trees stand at the corner of Edward and Trowbridge streets, their roots under concrete. On a branch of one of these trees there’s a frayed blue rope wrapped and knotted many times tightly around the branch, high enough up to be just out of reach. Its bright blue colour attracts our attention every time we pass through here. It’s a telltale sign of some past activity. Maybe an energy pickup was once made here by a different pulse as it passed along this channel. There’s still some emotion left behind, wrapped up tightly in the rope. Maybe there will be another pickup here, made by another pulse sometime in the future. Not today, though, and although the rope doesn’t go unnoticed, the pulse flows steadily onwards.
    We were now traveling through a difficult area in the heart chakra. The pulse could still make its way through but the channel was sluggish. We moved northwards past the U-shaped housing complex. The centre line of the Giant runs right through here. We have made some attempts to explore this area on previous occasions but encountered one blockade after another – it’s not permeable. Once while looking for another route from Bigheart Park to Sweetheart Park we entered the building’s courtyard from the north but all possible exits were closed off so we ended up coming back out the way we had come in. More investigation is needed. In the future there may be openings that aren’t here yet.

    The pulse was moving along Moor Place Rd at a moderate pace and we stayed with it until we reached Pembroke Place. We had to wait for the light to turn before we could get across but the pulse just kept going and entered the marketplace on the other side. It’s a rather long light, affording a prolonged view of the market square across the busy road. What’s in view over there is definitely a different landscape from where we stood at the intersection. It’s like looking at an island from the mainland, an island which will be explored as soon as the boat gets us across.

silent movie of heart chakra section of Path#1 (up)


(movie runs 1:29)  

~~~~~~~ Throat ~~~~~~~

    The market includes the open square where on weekends vendors set up tables and sell a variety of things – vegetables, clothing, jewelry, food, etc. Probably in days past this square used to have a much bigger and more vibrant market. Even so, today there’s colour, people crisscrossing the square or sitting on the low concrete wall to eat or rest, kids running about - that sort of thing. Taking up the west side of the square are the best public toilets in Liverpool.


    TJ Hughes department store stands along the north border of the square. This is an old building, a city landmark; its turret can be seen from far away. North of TJ Hughes and to either side of it are several one or two block-long streets with fabric shops and a few restaurants and home furnishing shops. There’s a history of commerce in the Giant’s throat chakra. Communication and exchange of are indigenous qualities here.

    We had already been traveling for a few hours and were ready for a bit of a break. A cup of tea. Somewhere to sit down. We entered TJ Hughes. We’d never been in here before but felt sure there would be some sort of restaurant. There was one in the basement. It’s a big open cafeteria with many tables, only a few of them presently occupied. We bought some tea at the counter and sat down near a corner. There’s a simplicity here where nothing complicated is expected either of the staff or the customers. The place is spacious, bright and starkly unadorned. The sounds of clinking cutlery and ceramic dishes are amplified. It’s completely unpretentious and its comforting effect is surprisingly strong. The tradition may be crumbling but the working energy that’s the underpinning of any tradition is still around.

    The most remarkable thing was the sound. There was a constant clatter of cutlery, not only from the customers while they ate but also from the kitchen and especially at the counter where employees were bringing out deep trays of washed cutlery and sorting them out. The clatter was hugely amplified by the unusual acoustics of the space. It was exaggerated to such a degree that an uncanny atmosphere was created that was having its own way with my mood. A nearby customer was reading a newspaper at the same time as mindlessly clinking a spoon around the inner edges of the cup of tea in front of him. Strangely, the effect was not annoying but quite the opposite. It was musical, in its own way, full of natural information. Once we left the restaurant and resumed walking we were surprised by the obvious change that had taken place – there was no more tiredness and we were totally revived.

    In retrospect, our time in the cafeteria had an affect similar to sitting by a babbling stream. There’s a flow of pure energy in this part of the Giant’s body. It’s different from the spring in the root chakra but with some similar qualities of renewal. Probably it has been flowing for a very long time, certainly well before TJ Hughes was built. The building was erected around it and the area around the bubbling energy was made into a cafeteria. We had gone inside thinking we were taking a break, going off the path a bit maybe, but in fact we did nothing of the sort. We were led into a very vibrant area of the Giant’s throat chakra. Now we’re wondering if there’s something like this place of renewal in each of the Giant’s chakras. This one is along the midline of the body.

    We continued along the G-chi path with the pulse heading northwards along Craven St to busy Islington Rd, a separated highway which always has lots of traffic speeding by in both directions. Once across, the pulse moved up Soho St to a large open field passing a football pitch on the left. We’ve never seen anyone playing inside here and it doesn’t look conducive to any game. The pulse spread out into the field. We had plenty of time to look around and let any thoughts and feelings about the place arise.

    At the beginning of the diagonal footpath leading through the field we came to a tree that still holds a piece of the receptor dish that was tucked into a bit of wire on our first visit to the Giant 1 ½ years ago. These receptor dishes (fondly called brollies) were put out everywhere we went throughout the Giant’s body on that first visit. They were all turned to face the high point of the 3rd eye chakra. Each day we put out another hundred or so and they were either taken away by whoever found them or they disintegrated in time with the weather. So this one on the edge of the throat field was remarkable for its ability to endure. Seems that if everything else disappears there will still be some trace of this brolly. In the throat chakra of the Giant there is steadfastness. We sang a song in honour of this brave brolly.
     This throat field has a strong sense of hidden grief. Much suffering that goes unspoken is buried under the grass. Apparently there used to be a complex of residential buildings here. We have seen a photo of the kind they were – large, 4-story brick buildings that each housed many hundreds of people. They looked good when first built but things got bad and eventually they were bulldozed into the ground and this grassy field does certainly cover up the pain of hard lives and a history of despair. A sadness pervades the area. And a tension, as if every move is being watched by many suspicious eyes. We’re told that there’s lots of heavy drug use around here. The new streetlights were erected to try to dissuade it but it’s just retreated into the shadows.
    We stood on the western rim of the field where there’s a rise of land and a good view of the whole area. We caught sight of the pulse while it hovered around the central area where the buildings used to be. Three trees had been planted there and they had grown to about 15 feet tall. We had never seen them looking healthy. The last time we were through here we noticed that there was a ring of greener grass surrounding the trees as if someone had poured a heavy dose of fertilizer around their roots in an effort to save them. Or perhaps in an effort to kill them. Whatever the intent, one of them was now lying sideways on the ground with its branches sticking out uselessly like crazy wires and its roots just a small rotten, tangled mess. The inside of the trunk was hollow. It was amazing that the tree had stayed standing even for this long; maybe the slightest push would topple the other ones over and reveal them to be just as rotten.
The sense of hidden history is very prevalent here in this field. The force with which it’s being kept underground is holding a certain tenuous balance for now but there’s something that very much wants to reveal itself and times will surely change. Violence is kept down and so is beauty. There are riches buried here, made inaccessible by fear.
    The three trees withered and died but there may be other seeds that could be planted here which would, in time, push their roots deep into the earth to gently break up the stagnation and draw up the hidden joy that is below.A beautiful botanical garden could blossom above-ground here, each flower a manifestation of that joy. It’s not impossible. It’s waiting to happen. So there is waiting and perseverance and introspection, while other factors line up and the time ripens for change. There is no shame in waiting. The time-sense of the Giant is so very different from the personal. When we are immensely patient and attentive we are still just a quick flash of activity in the Giant’s body. We need to shift over to Giant time to have any true sense of the impact of events within the body.

     There are walking paths crisscrossing through the field. A woman enters the field along one of these diagonal paths from the far southwest corner and walks all the way through to the northeast. The pulse is with her. She keeps her head down, watching her steps. She seems to be pulled down by gravity, is wrapped up tightly within her large overcoat, holding a purse securely against her side. Certainly she has passed along this same route very many times. She knows something of the burial beneath her feet. She seems not to be aware of the large, light-filled space all around her, however it is there. She is the perfect flower blooming in this field at this moment. Her passage left a strong impression on the pulse:

A woman weighed down by the burden she holds inside walks slowly across a field on her way home.

    We left the field and continued with the pulse heading north along Soho St, past the empty yard which has such a lush profusion of the butterfly bush, buddleja, Liverpool’s most tenacious plant. It would certainly be a good plant to make an essence of and would likely be a useful remedy for the disease affecting this part of the Giant’s body. This yard has a swinging gate that is sometimes closed, sometimes open. The bushes line the perimeter but the middle of the yard is empty. On another occasion there were piles of wooden skids here making some marginal shelter and hideout. It was half-burnt and had a sinister look to it. The next time we passed by everything was cleared away and there wasn’t a skid to be found in the neighbourhood.

    On the left, opposite this empty place, is a heavily-fenced yard with some big machinery inside. It’s a city works yard and there are big skips in there. Usually the yard is closed up tight and made invisible to passers-by. Several big “No Trespassing” signs are posted. However once in awhile the solid gates are open a crack and it’s possible to see something of the activity inside. The outer barriers are protecting some softer human-ness within. The yard, even with all its heavy machinery, is a pleasant, light-filled space. There are flowers growing in there.

    Certainly from our human point of view this whole area in the Giant’s throat chakra is looking tightly suppressed. Every attempt is being made to avoid the kind of violence and trouble that is ready to erupt. It’s not expressing itself except through covert bursts of violence and despair that are quickly squashed. There’s heavy police surveillance. Even the occasional and surprising flashes of gentle beauty are kept under wraps as much as possible. But the Giant has a different reality than ours and in order to perceive what’s going on from the Giant’s standpoint, we need to enter right into that reality – it can’t be seen from the outside. The inner sense is one of impending change. Something is about to happen and it’s not the negativity that easily defines this area from the outside. There’s a percolation in the earth – in spite of efforts to prevent change, it is occurring already anyways. It is good. It is alive.

     As well as making pickups, the pulse is also dropping off its original energy. Its passage along the G-chi channel is a continual sweeping and nourishing of the landscape. It may not have to do with awakening the Giant but it always has to do with keeping the Giant alive and healthy. The beneficial effects of its passage are never kept out by closed doors or “No Trespassing” signs – it permeates everywhere.

     Soho St ends at Everton Brow Rd where there’s an auto shop that usually has its garage doors open so that while walking to the end of Soho you’re looking right at whichever car is presently being repaired. Each time we’ve passed by here we’ve seen an unusual, always very expensive car being tended to. Vintage cars or expensive models outfitted for the unique pleasures of their owners. An odd business to be tucked away into this vast silent area. But who knows what it’s all about for the Giant?

    The pulse has gone on ahead of us and we follow it westwards from the auto shop, making a quick right onto Fox St. The friary is at the corner and right beside it is St Mary of the Angels church. This is another church that’s no longer being used for religious purposes. However, its main door is well decorated with fading pictures of Jesus aglow in a spiritual light. On the locked iron gate in front of the door hang garlands of plastic flowers, palm-leaf crosses and a notice saying “They have closed our church, but not our hearts.” The plastic flowers change from time to time, sometimes they are red and sometimes yellow or white, depending on the season, but the crosses and statement remain there always.


    Down Bute St and around the north side of the church is a big bell in its open iron housing. It would be good to hear that bell peal out a loud celebration of the awakening of the Giant. For now it stands silent behind the fence in the overgrown churchyard. We have tossed stones at it to hear the ping. We can imagine it moved to the throat field when the garden is lush and the Giant is more awake. If the throat chakra begins to function well again the voice of the bell will surely be heard. It awaits the time.

    The pulse is still ahead of us, flowing north past the school entrance and onto Douro St. There’s a curious park here, hidden away behind the streets and as if cut off from the rest of the throat chakra. There are no readily accessible paths through the park, just a place where energy collects for some reason as yet unknown. Although we can’t yet see this area well we just have to remember that this is an energy landscape and to resist falling back into an inattentive and even dismissive way of moving through the city. This is not a walk through the city but a walk within the body of the Giant. If the G-chi that’s here can’t be seen yet it will become clear next time or some time after that.
    So we continue - At the end of Douro St the path turns west onto Upper Beau St and after a short block it turns back onto Fox St. This two-block jog that the path takes past the bell and through the isolated park brings it around the back of the canteen wagon which is always parked on Fox between Upper Beau and Bute Streets. This is probably significant.

    There is a very strong building on Fox St between Upper Beau St and Prince Edwin, used now for auctions. The shared boundary area of the throat and 3rd eye chakra probably runs through this property. In any case, when the path turns east and proceeds up Prince Edwin, it has entered the 3rd eye chakra.

    So the throat chakra encompasses a large area in the body of the Giant including many different landscapes. The path between the field and the beginning of the 3rd eye is not so clear. The pulse seemed to be making its way between multiple blockages in the same way that water flows through a tight area by finding the small openings. At first sight the area doesn’t look tight – it looks vast and open. But even though there’s a wideness to the landscape there is also blockage within it so that the passage is not, in fact, wide open and clear. It’s possible to get through but obviously much more investigation of this whole area is necessary.

silent movie of throat chakra section of Path#1 (up)


(movie runs 2:09)

~~~~~~~ Third Eye~~~~~~~

    We finally caught up with the pulse as it continued east up the hill past the secondary school to the north and new housing to the south. Just before Dentdale St it turns into a parking lot to the north and then joins the curved walkways running east and up the grassy open spaces leading uphill to Netherfield Road South. Lots of grandness here, processional stairways and spaces for potentially important activities. At present, though, it all feels unavailable.

    As the pulse crosses Netherfield Road South it flows into a different area of the 3rd eye, one that we’ve informally dubbed “the locks”.There are a series of steps and canal-like walkways that link two small areas as the path turns back north and climbs Everton BrowThese places invite the traveler to stop and wait for a while, almost as if there is some as-yet unknown activity to perform at each place. We started calling them the locks because it felt as if we had to wait for the water level to rise high enough to match the next section of the canal-like path. The first waiting area is closed in by small trees and bushes. There are many steps to sit on and the general feeling is of being tucked away and intimate. A number of people could meet here and have some experience together.


    The path continues up and around to a second meeting place which is more exposed and open to sightlines looking in and out. Travelers can look down the hill before proceeding up the last bit of the path and arriving at the upper levels of Everton Brow. This whole locks system occurs directly on the midline of the Giant’s body.

    The energy that has come through here has given rise to this theatrical architecture although it will be a different kind of energy that will be able to make use of it. The preparations have been made for a future activity but there’s a whole shift of consciousness that needs to happen before the place can be properly used. Once the meeting happens in the heart, energy created from that meeting will be brought to all areas of the Giant’s body. This theatre will be an active place.

    We left the locks area and traveled with the pulse as it headed north along the G-chi path. In a few minutes we came to another very interesting landscape in the Giant’s 3rd eye. It’s an old, dried-up waterway that curves and twists down the hill and opens out at the bottom onto the same path we’re on now. It doesn’t look like much from the lower end but we’ve walked up its length before and know that it becomes more distinctive as it rises. The entrance is gradual - the banks are only about a foot high on either side at the bottom, but they gradually get higher while moving up the hill.
    It’s remarkably different from the organized architecture of the locks because it’s a natural landscape that hasn’t been straightened-up or filled-in. Sedimentary rock shows itself in layers along the exposed banks. At a certain point it becomes quite deep, the sides rising over head-height so that there’s no view outside the narrow riverbed. The ground has many lines of tire tracks where bikes and ATV’s have sped through. At the top it opens out into a squared-off shape which looks like it might have been a small building’s foundation or a collecting pool in the past. The whole riverbed might even once have been part of a pleasure garden connected to a wealthy family estate. There were such places around here a few hundred years ago.
    The energy pulse continued northwards and eventually came to some steps near the top of the park. We paused there to take in the view at the border of the 3rd eye and crown chakras. It’s a very windy place. From here the land sweeps westward down to the water, way off in the distance. The great outdoor theatre of the 3rd eye chakra can be seen in its entirety, a distance of about ½ mile downhill westwards. This place where we are is part of it – the high reaches of the great stage.
    The Giant’s vision encompasses the whole city of Liverpool, the harbour and the Mercy River and beyond. The tower of the church in the root chakra is easily seen. The entire body is stretched out southwards from here, an immense landscape, busy in its sleepy dreams. Large areas are left unused, waiting as if held in trust that the Giant will awaken and they will come to life. We can see all four G-chi paths from here. The paths come together at the top of the crown chakra, where we’re heading.

silent movie of 3rd eye chakra section of Path#1 (up)


(movie runs 1:56) 

~~~~~~~ Crown ~~~~~~~

    We stay with the pulse as it flows easily out the top of the park and through the iron gates that stand at the north end. These gates are the fontanel at the top of the Giant’s head. So a small area of the crown chakra is within the head of the Giant and most of it is outside the body. Just outside the gates and on the right is The Beacon primary school, and on this day a big chartered bus idled outside awaiting its passengers. The students inside the school were probably being prepared to attend some event.
    Just past the schoolyard stands the Iron Church. There’s a very graceful tree a few steps north of the church’s front doors with one grave beneath its branches. The pulse stopped here for a few minutes. This grave and tree have an affinity to another grave and tree in the northeast corner of the cemetery in the root chakra. The similarity is very strong and it brings to mind again the two polar chakras where energies enter the Giant’s body.

     This is where the water that was brought up from the root chakra spring during the first walk through the Giant’s body in 2006 was poured out at the end of that journey. On that evening a service was about to begin in the church – it was dusk on an autumn Sunday – and the choir had begun to sing. We poured out the water and stood by the tree for a quiet moment while members of the congregation approached and entered the church. We left the yard by the gate out onto St Domingo Rd. This eastern wall of the church is all stained glass. Just as we were leaving, the lights went on inside which lit up the colourful glass. The timing couldn’t have been better. We were filled with love and joy.

    Today the pulse took the same path along the north side of the church to the gate at St Domingo Rd. It moved swiftly across the street and past the old boarded-up library which led us to the corner of the crown chakra field.

    The crown field is a vacant lot where many different wild plants thrive. They’re mowed down very infrequently - not often enough to deter them, in fact an occasional mowing may even make them stronger. There’s a very healthy and profuse crop of plantain which we made an essence of last spring when it was in full bloom. The flower is a crown itself – a corolla of tiny blossoms held to the central spike by white hair-like stamens.
   At about the centre of the field is a burnt area where it looks like many fires have been lit. A walking path goes right through the ashes on its way diagonally through the field. In with the ashes are lots of little metal pieces, odds and ends that survived the flames. Along the north side of the field is a tall fence. And in the northeast corner there’s one large tree that is completely surrounded by an extension of this iron fence, giving it a square of privacy for no apparent reason. Often there are flocks of birds in that tree – perhaps the inaccessibility to humans makes it a favourite place for them.

    At the southeast corner of the field there’s a brick wall that stands about 4 feet high and 10 feet long. Another walking path goes right by this wall and there are a few prominent rose bushes at the wall and to one side of the path. The field is open to the east and west and people use these paths to cut through from the residential area on the east side to St Domingo Rd and the big park on the west.

    The field is kind of a scraggly place, unattended to and generally ignored except as a convenient throughway for the local residents. Nothing special about it. Not, certainly, popularly recognized as the Giant’s crown chakra, where superconscious energies enter the body.

     We wondered if there was something special to do here at this turning point but there didn’t seem to be. The pulse lingered for a few minutes around the central fireplace. We stood with it, playing the frogs. We had now traveled the full length of this inner west path and would turn around and follow the pulse down the outer east path. Tomorrow we would begin the day here and travel with a new pulse but for now we would remain with the same circulating pulse we’d been traveling with all day.

    When the pulse began to move again we left with it and walked along the short road behind the library and briefly into another empty lot on our left. Although close to the crown field, this place is very different in the kinds of stuff it has collected. There are many things washed up here, most of them strange aggregates of materials that can’t be figured out. We looked at one for a few minutes, trying to understand what whole it was once an integral part of. An amorphous shape of plastic melted into concrete. There were other combinations of styrofoam, brick and wood that didn’t look like anything familiar either. Lots of broken glass and plastic bottles as well, the usual refuse thrown in with the unusual. All this had an air of significance, as everything does in the Giant’s energy body, but as yet we are unable to know it more fully.

    We were right with the pulse as it moved back out onto St Domingo Rd, crossed over to the west side and continued along the fence of The Beacon schoolyard. It so happened that as we were passing by there was a huddle of young children with their teacher right on the other side of the fence. They were all kneeling down on the ground and were very intensely looking at a bit of soil that had just been dug up. The pulse was immediately drawn over to their huddle and we could see the tops of 6 or 7 heads all touched with a soft glowing light. We heard the teacher’s voice as she quietly explained how it is that the worm makes holes in the earth and keeps the soil light. We had been walking slowly and were very close to them although separated by the iron rail fence. We heard very little of what she said but it was enough to get the theme of the teaching. The kids were all fully attentive and fascinated and there was a feeling of hushed awe in their little huddle. Such a beautiful moment it was, while the children were being introduced to the mysterious origins of things by their teacher. The symbol that was imprinted on the pulse was:

A group of young children huddle over an earthworm, listening to the words of their teacher while she introduces them to an awesome mystery.

silent movie of crown chakra section of Path#1


(movie runs 2:54)

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