Heart Stone

picked up by Allen by base of tree in cemetery in root

Allen writes:    This is kind of a shaggy tree story. I picked up this object while taking photos for the midline path movie about a week before the final walk along the midline path. I was walking from the root spring to the tunnel on my way out of St. James Gardens when I had to stop by a tree along the path. I suddenly knew there was something in the cemetery to pick up, but could find nothing there at this tree. Then it seemed as if the tree (or a spirit associated with the tree) was telling me to go to another nearby tree. I went on to that tree and looked there to no avail. After a bit I was told to go to another tree so I did. I looked around that tree but still found nothing I was supposed to pick up. Then I was told to go over to a much larger tree that was a bit up the hill to the north of the path and a bit east of the graves that are beside the tunnel.

    This was a much stronger tree than the others I had just visited and was aware of me as I approached. It was very clear that this was where I was supposed to look so I carefully investigated the ground around the bottom of the trunk. I was drawn to a seemingly ordinary stone and knew it was what I was supposed to pick up. Couldn’t understand why until after I picked it up and was able to see the side that was face-down to the ground. A small heart could be seen on that face, almost like it had been stamped with this shape.

    As I think back on what happened that day and what it meant with regards to the Giant’s awakening, I get the feeling that this object had been there in the root for some time and that the Elders were safe-keeping it there until the transformational centre in the heart (Sweetheart Park) had started to function. It was now time to send it on and that’s why I was told to pick it up. I’m also thinking that there might be other consciousness objects in the Elder’s safe-keeping and these objects had always been kept there in the root chakra from the very beginning. If so this would mean that certain consciousness energies are present initially and don’t have to be forged by the Giant’s energy system as part of the process of waking up, that certain elements needed for the waking of the Giant are already there as part of the Giant’s lower level consciousness structure. They must be preserved and released at the right time, but are “built in” from the very start (more hints and allegations of the evolutionary nature of waking up). What other presents are the Elders safe-keeping?

    Another thought comes to mind. The tree where I finally picked up the stone is a particularly important one in the cemetery. It’s kind of the “guardian” of the tunnel entrance and also has the ability to direct the energies connected to the space beside the tunnel. It can keep them in check or focus them in a certain specific way, maybe not an issue to be aware of during the day, but important to know about at night when things are a bit thinner in that part of the cemetery.




Allen writes:   When I visited Liverpool in 2012 Steve told me that he thought there was a hidden basement below his bicycle shop at #2 Roscoe. He had evidently done some digging, but hadn’t yet found anything like a hidden basement. He did encounter a small walled-off area filled with gravel which he thought might have been part of an effort to reinforce the floor for heavy equipment on the main floor. I told him about the story that had come to me in 2007 and which I had subsequently put up on the Giant website as the will chakra play. I had used #2 Roscoe as the location of the play, and the story featured a well in just the same sort of hidden basement that he had been looking for (here’s the link to that story). After reading the story on the website both Steve and Gerry became interested in dowsing for more information.

Gerry had two metal rods for a dowser (bent at right angles, held one in each hand). I’d never used that sort of dowser before and was more familiar with the pendulum type. I didn’t have one with me so I decided to look for something in the box of transformational energy objects En and I had found in the Giant’s midline channel in June, 2010. The heart stone (originally found in the root chakra) put itself forward right away and was certainly the most energetic object in the box for this task. After some difficulty I managed to tie some string around it tightly enough so it could be used as a pendulum. It didn’t want to be held directly in my hand though - some sort of device was needed to hold the top end of the string. The broken handle from the Giant’s third eye satellite dish turned out to fit the bill perfectly. I had just taken it down from the tree on Everton Brow earlier in the week and was planning to take it back to Toronto for repair. The wooden handle was still very energetic and very much in tune with the heart-stone. The pendulum was soon assembled, and when I tested it out it proved to be responsive and reliable.

On Oct 23 Gerry and I met Steve and we all used various dowsing devices at #2 Roscoe. Gerry and Steve dowsed pretty much exclusively outside at the back of the building. I used my pendulum along the western wall there, but also employed it inside the building above where the basement might be located. Gerry and Steve were sensing the run-off of water under the building as it flowed out from the hidden basement. The idea was that if there was a well or spring there, some water would certainly be running off down the hill to the west. I was dowsing for the lay-out of the hidden basement and asking for some instruction as to finding access to the well and/or what remained of the sealed off/filled-in passageways that had been (and might still be) there.

Gerry and Steve were finding a lot evidence for water running off from the northwestern corner of the building. On the outside of the western wall I was sensing a closed-off former entranceway that might have once been a way of access into the basement from the outside. This was located about half way to two thirds of the way southwards along the western outside wall. When I later dowsed for the floor plan inside the bike shop above the sought-for basement, I had a strong feeling of a passageway underneath the middle of the walkway from the bike shop to the silkscreen printing studio. The well (or the best access route to the well) was located just where the painted pathway on the bike shop floor turned to go north towards a doorway to the silkscreen shop in the other half of the building. I also had the sense that there was water running through that location, heading straight to the western wall of the building instead of turning with the hidden basement hallway towards the north. When the water reached the back wall it then turned north and ran along that route until it reached the northwestern corner where it escaped - exactly where Gerry and Steve were sensing it.

Perhaps we will be able to do some dowsing again some other time. Perhaps some floor plans will surface in some curious way, or maybe other clues will come to light and prove useful. Whatever the case, I doubt I’ll be using the same dowser again. As soon as I returned to Gerry’s home the string came loose from around the heart stone and the pendulum came apart. Evidently it was to be used for just this event and for no other (or at least no other for the time being).









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