Thumb-stroke stone

picked up by Allen by under drain spout along Pilgrim Street in hara

Allen writes:  This midline object was found on April 28, 2012 during a walk through the Giant led by Stefano as part of his Fools template. We were walking up along Pilgrim Street through the Giant’s hara when I spotted something nearby to a down-spout along the the west side just before Hardman. I was on the lookout for something here because I’ve found a midline object here before (tiny “baby tooth” found while on first midline walk June 2010). I picked up the small rock and found that it fit neatly in my hand with my thumb in a position to stroke it on its flat face. This stroking was pleasing both to me and to the stone, and I sensed that there was some power being generated by the stroking motion of my thumb. The stone was somewhat rough, but interestingly enough the stroking had a soothing feeling to it and was quite smooth in its energy.

    There were twelve people along for the journey. Almost immediately after I picked up the stone we came upon a young boy, maybe three years old or so who was standing with his father next to a small delivery van. He was very shy, though he enjoyed being the centre of attention as we all stopped and admired him - very cute and brand new in his view of the world. His father was happy when he saw that we had stopped and noticed the boy, and he encouraged his to wave and say hello. The boy was too shy to do so , but didn’t turn away - he enjoyed our attention too much.

    The group went into a doorway and up a flight of stairs to a small clothing store that had opened there recently. Stefano had done a show there the night before and had arranged with the owner for us to stop in. After a half hour or so we came down again and crossed Hardman and entered into the Giant’s will chakra. Our crossing was part of a small action-oriented improv which was noticed by a group of guys inside the Fly In The Loaf Pub. They had obviously been drinking for a good while already and were very interested in and excited by the women in the group. After waving through the windows to us, two guys came bursting out and tried to get us to come inside and drink with them.

    Well we weren’t about to change our course and intent to that extent, and told them they should come along with us instead. There was a good ten or fifteen minutes of interchanges and interactions, with dancing and singings and energetic outbursts on both sides. One of the two guys was particularly in need of the contact with us. Turned out that he really wanted love and affection and attention and whatever else there was to be soothed in some way. Though he was acting boisterously happy he was actually quite in need of some very gentle emotional support and love.

    After many group hugs and interchanges the two guys went back inside and our group went on our way. But I was struck near the end of the encounter by how similar the two interactions were: both this guy from the pub and the young boy were very much expressions of the same thing. Both were quite shy (though they expressed it quite differently) and both were in need of some gentle loving attention (though they each asked for and received it in different ways). Not saying the midline channel object I picked up in conjunction with them was calling them forth, but it was of the same whole shape and could well have been attracted to their manifestation (or their manifestation was synchronistic). This midline object might be quite useful to use in situations of such open-hearted need.


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