Daisy Barrette

picked up by Allen along path at south end of Everton Brow Park

Allen writes:  

    This midline object was found on Oct 08, 2011 during a walk up the ascending eastern Gi-chi path. Sallyann and I were following an energy pulse and noting the energy symbol imprints that occurred along the way. We had just entered through the south gate of Everton Brow Park (along College Street North) and were walking along the path as it turned west. I suddenly saw something unusually strong on the path we were following: a small, very-white object shining up at me. When I picked it up I discovered that it is a white plastic daisy set onto a small hair barrette. The paint on the center circle was partially worn away to form a silhouette of a head there. Just before I saw it I was saying to Sallyann that we should make a short side trip off the energy path we were following and stop in at the throat’s transformational centre (which has the same function in the throat chakra that Sweetheart Park does in the heart). Remembering my recent words I realized that we should take this new-found object there.

    En and I had picked up a number of transformational energy objects in the midline channel and brought them to the Giant’s Heart during an expedition in 2010. This daisy barrette looked just like one of these even though it was found outside the midline channel. Perhaps it was a naturally occurring one, maybe it was part of some as-yet unknown transformational energy process. Whatever it might be it was certainly a hot item. It had to be picked up and taken somewhere.

    I gave the daisy barrette to Sallyann and she put it in her hair. As she did so some of the energy of the object seemed to pass on to her and she took on a bit of its glow. We were both suddenly energized and happy, almost as if we had been freed a little from our everyday selves. We continued along the path and eventually stopped in at a small field at the corner of Shaw and Everton Brow Road (the transformational center of the throat chakra). This place is a crossroads where numerous routes converge, and many local residents pass though here as they travel up and down the hill. The tree here (actually three trees growing together) is exactly on the line that connects the spring in the root with the fire pit in the crown.

    A project was recently initiated in this field to fill the space with wild flowers. They had pretty much finished their season now that it was October, but when I was here in Aug 2011 the field was covered with blue, yellow and white flowers. The sign describing the project said that chicory, corn flowers, corn camomile, meadow cranesbill, vipers bugloss, wild carrot and ox eye daisies have been planted there. Today a few late blooming daisy and chicory flowers were still in evidence even though it was now October.

    When Sallyann and I arrived in the park, we decided that the daisy barrette should go to the tree. Sallyann initially looked for a place to hide it there, but then realized that it needed to be seen. She eventually placed it in a knot of the tree. As we walked away back up towards the path we’d been following we saw the whiteness of the small daisy barrette shining out quite visibly from way across the street. It looked like it belonged just there and nowhere else. If some energy agent other than ourselves came along it would easily see it and pick it up. Was this what was needed? Was this what we wanted? Have we brought something here to be transformed, or have we delivered some already-transformed energy? It was still too early in this newly discovered activity to understand just what was happening, but we both knew we had done the right thing by picking up the daisy barrette and placing it in the knot in this tree.

    A week later we returned to this same field. Five of us (Sallyann and myself included) were following a different Gi-chi path and took a detour to see if the daisy barrette was still there. It was. The moment I spotted it I realized that we must pick it up and take it to Sweetheart Park. Hard to say why, but the actional imperative was clear. This midline object may have needed to go to the throat transformational centre initially, but the heart as certainly its end destination. As I tucked it away in my pack I realized that it had a different energy to it after spending a week here - had it been at least partially transformed in some way? Hard to say one way or another what’s going on with this transformational energy process, but it did feel appropriate to pick it up and carry it away to Sweetheart Park.


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