Two stones and a plastic "leaf"

picked up by Allen by base of largest tree in 3-tree field in throat

Allen writes:    I picked up these objects while scouting the midline with En during the first week of our visit. We had both been interested in the field where Everton Brow Road goes west from Shaw Street. The three trees there are right in the centre of the midline shaft and we were wondering if this place might be a potential transformational energy centre for the throat. The field is fairly well tended, mowed and kept mostly clear of garbage. The path that runs diagonally across it is used quite frequently by people in the neighborhood who routinely buy food and drink from the store at the southwestern corner. The place is a little bit too busy though, lots of traffic turning down the hill and there are signs that this land parcel will soon be turned into something. But in the meantime it’s a strong energy place in the midline and shares transformational centre status with the untamed wild flower field a block away to the south along Shaw Street.

    This is another one of those shaggy object stories that sometimes occur when I’m on the trail of an energetic object. I had a feeling that there was something to find here so I was carefully looking through the grass. Came upon a small stone - it had some energy to it but it was clearly not what I was searching for. It did however tell me to look along the ground to the southeastern side of the trunk of the largest of the three trees there. I soon found a second stone that was also not what I was looking for, but it told me to look to the western side of the tree trunk. This is where I found the plastic “leaf” which was a surprising thing to discover. Usually plastic stuff is not that energetic, but this “leaf” was a strong sight to come across in the grass. It was quite intriguing that the plastic “leaf” was roughly the same basic shape as the two stones that led me to it.

    Just after I picked up the plastic “leaf”and was photographing it, En pointed off to the northeastern corner of the field and told me that something amazing was coming our way. When I looked up I could see a parade of kids carrying a large, very colourful shape. There was a good bit of excitable energy about the group despite the fact that they were being taken along the sidewalk by numerous adults. There was a police officer at the back and front of the line.

    As they came closer I could see that they were carrying a large flower-like shape made from paper stretched across a wire frame. There was a happy, even boisterous holiday energy about the procession. I approached and asked one or two of the adults if I could snap a picture of the proceedings. Turned out they were parents or volunteers, but I was finally passed along to the headmistress who was not entirely pleased with the query but did stop the kids so I could take a picture.

    I had met this same headmistress three and a half years earlier when I called in at the school down Everton Brow Road and asked about the local history. She seemed to remember me when I mentioned this and possibly that is why I was allowed to snap a picture. Interestingly enough I had spoken with a local resident a few hours earlier as I was scouting and learned that the school was moving locations next fall and taking over the space of the recently vacated high school along Prince Edward. Were the kids coming from a visit there? Were they coming from the Beacon School up by the Iron Church? Never did find out but it felt like some transformational procession was happening and it was amazing that we managed to turn up for just the right ten minutes to witness it.


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