Piece of root

picked up by Allen on sidewalk south of the wild flower field in throat

Allen writes:    This was the third object that I picked up by the wild flower throat field while taking photos for the midline movie. The other two were on the sidewalk on the eastern edge; this was in the road diagonally south from the southwestern corner. It had the same young, pet-like quality of the conglomerate, very animal in nature though more woodlandish. Like the other two it was just beginning to come into itself and might look quite different on its next level of manifestation.

    It’s interesting that the three “immature” objects I found nearby to the wild flower throat field are each of a different type in terms of material - metal, rock, plant. All seem to have been drawn to this place rather than initiating there. Different from the trident flower (object 13) that En found growing in the midst of the field and picked up. Do these three originate in some other chakra?


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