Small bent metal square

picked up by Allen on east sidewalk of the wild flower field in throat

 Allen writes:    I picked up this object while taking photos for the midline path movie during the week before the final walk along the midline path. I was going along the sidewalk just to the east of the wild flower field in the throat when I saw something with a curious energy. Never even thought to take a photo before picking it up - my body just reached down and snagged it. Couldn’t really say what it was at first - still don’t know now. There was a strange, still-forming intricateness to the thing - kind of like it was a circuit board that was still being stamped with its electronic pattern. Another case of a still-forming object that had only gotten so far. Still it was possible to get an emotional hit of what it could eventually be.

    This wild flower field in the throat is an emerging transformational energy centre. It is still finding its way to be so the objects found there are also still in their initial levels of form. But there is certainly a vigorous energy about the place - over the two weeks I found a number of objects nearby, all of them just beginning to take shape. It’s probable that many of them won’t actually continue past this level of structure. Lots of seeds - which one will sprout?


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