Small "baby tooth" stone

picked up by Allen by under drain spout along Pilgrim Street in hara
Allen writes:    I picked up this object while taking photos for the midline path movie about a week before the final walk along the midline path. I was just starting south on Pilgrim Street when I was drawn to a tiny something to the side of the road, just under a drain spout. I picked it up, examined it and put it back down on the street again. I started to walk away, but couldn’t get far and was compelled to come back to the object again. I wanted to pick it up and re-examine it so I did. A surprisingly strong energy coming off this very tiny object, but it was so small and nondescript content-wise that (mentally) it was hard to justify picking it up. Yet emotionally and energetically is was very compelling, so in the end I put it in my pocket. Looked it over a number of times over the next few days - still the same thought of casting it aside coupled with the definite need to keep it. The best way to describe it to myself now is as a tiny “baby tooth” that had been discarded so that something else could grow in its place. It also has a seed-like quality. It seems almost like the first clue referring to something that will come more completely into form as time goes by.

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