Metal ring and chain

picked up by Allen near Sweetheart Park turnoff in heart

Allen writes:    This was the first mid-line object found. I had stopped by the turnoff to Sweetheart Park where Cathedral Walk turns to go south to Mount Pleasant. I was about to take the first shot for the midline movie I was making and was just pulling out the monopod to full length and about to attach the video camera. I can’t remember how or what caused me to pickup the metal ring and chain object except that it was so clearly important and necessary that I just picked it up without stopping to wonder. I remember saying outloud that “I guess this is coming along with me”. It was clearly a very energetic object, quite noticeably a “hot” item, but I couldn’t really look it over right then so I handed it to En who was taking photos. She looked it over and then stuck it into my shirt pocket. I didn’t take it out again as I was about to start a filming.

    Didn’t remember it again until I was talking with Gerry in his bookstore after returning from a four-hour midline hike and filming session. He had mentioned something about significant objects (or maybe it was Jo who was also there), I forget in what connection, but I pulled out the object I had picked up and said that it was a “significant” object and was putting out a very strong energy.

    It certainly looked strong alright when I took it out, more so than I remembered and I realized that I hadn’t examined it in any detail, just had seen the energy signature. We passed it around. Jo held it so that it locked into a position and was able to use it as a dowser. Gerry got out his magnifying glass and expressed a “forensic” interest. He talked about how the spot where I found it was along a very old street that used to be one of the longest in Liverpool and remembered how he had watched them excavate the cellars of the building they had knocked down to begin work on the science centre there. Seemed to me as I listened that it was a strong place there generally and that a number of very old and important objects might be associated with that location, whether they were from times gone by or were just attracted to it naturally.

    We couldn’t tell what the object was or what it had been a part of before. Never really got a satisfactory story until a number of days later at dinner when Chris said that it looked to him as part of the pull release on a fire extinguisher. This seemed like a good possibility and still does now, but I was struck that the mysterious energy of the object was not reduced by knowing what it was in the “everyday” world. Irregardless it had a very strong energy on another scale or level than the everyday and was even more mysterious to me despite the explanation. There was nothing in the explanation that accounted for its significant energy and it was clearly connected to something very important.

    Looking back on it now it seems that the fact that it was the first item is an important quality. This object refers to someone or something that comes along to get things moving - it moves people and excites them with its energy. It is an important initial ingredient in whatever change is coming along via the midline.


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