White stone

picked up by En in street by John Moore Student Centre in will

En Writes:    Allen and I were walking towards our apartment, coming east along Maryland Street near to the entrance to the will bench at the library. Just a bit west of the corner pub. We had already walked along the midline with the folks who joined us, and this was the last full day of our stay in Liverpool. So this would have been the last of the 23 items to be picked up. The white stone shone up to me as I walked over it, so I picked it up. I didn’t really want to pick it up, for some reason. I wasn’t really attracted to it. Allen said that he had seen it a few days earlier, and he didn’t want to pick it up either, so at that time he didn’t. But it called out to us twice, so that was more than we could ignore. Like it or not, it was coming along.

    In fact it’s a lovely rock. Smooth and pearly white. Not the kind of rock that would naturally be in such a place. It must have been handled by someone, I thought, then discarded along the way. By whatever means it got here, though, and whether we liked it or not, it succeeded in being included in the objects that are now in the lockup in Sweetheart Park, in safekeeping by the Keepers of the Heart.


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