Heart Jewelery Pin

picked up by En nearby to Sweetheart Park turnoff in heart

En Writes:    Allen and I started out our midline walk in the heart of the Giant, heading up towards the crown. We hadn’t gone far before I found this object. We were walking and talking, just about to approach the new fine arts building of John Moores University. Suddenly I stopped. I said “wait a minute”, turned around, and walked back about 5 steps. We had passed something on the ground that had taken my attention, but because we were having a conversation I didn’t immediately respond and instead kept walking. But with each step I had taken away from it, it had tugged at me just as if there was an elastic band joining us that was growing tighter as the distance lengthened. So I came back to the spot and saw the thing – it was a tiny silver ball-chain with something cylindrical at one end and a tiny ring at the other. So small that it was surprising that I had even seen it. Well, it had seen me, perhaps. When I looked directly at it, the first thought I had was that I would not be able to pick it up because it was somehow embedded in the walkway. But when I reached down I was once more surprised because it was not embedded after all and I could easily pick it up.

    Just as my hand was touching this delicate thing, I saw to the right of it another glinting something. I picked up the one, then bent down again and picked up the other. This second item seemed to be the stronger of the two, as if the first one had been a pointer to it. I turned over the second object – it was a tiny piece of jewellery, about ¼ inch in diameter, a silver heart with spaces for 12 tiny gems set around it, and one long pin that would have been used to fix it into clothing fabric. The gem at the top of the heart is red. The one at the bottom is green. The others are clear. The ones at 1, 2, 9 and 10 o’clock are missing. It was pretty special, alright. We were pleased with this beginning to the day’s walk. We brought along both pieces, and it wasn’t until about a day later that I figured out how they go together to make one complete circuit. The sharp point of the pin fits inside the cylinder at one end of the chain. The other end of the chain attaches to the back of the heart with the small ring

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