Metal mouse / snake

picked up by En nearby to the yellow room grove in third eye

En writes:   I was walking down from the crown through the 3rd eye park. Just walking slowly. I sat for about 15 minutes on a bench that offered a view through the trees way down to the city centre. I remember looking at the Ferris wheel that had not been there on our last visit a few years earlier. Eventually I got up and was continuing to walk slowly southwards, when I heard some chanting coming from inside the small church that stands within the park boundary. I moved close to the western wall of the building. The chanting had seemed very full and melodious when I first heard it, but then it stopped altogether. In a minute it started up again, and I could now tell that it was just one man chanting. He continued to start and stop, as if he was conversing with another voice that couldn’t be heard from where I stood. It felt good to be in the extended field of this person’s practice. It was very focused and intense. I was standing in a bright and peaceful bubble of energy.

    I saw Allen approaching. He had been taking pictures and I had gone on ahead of him. I beckoned him over. We both listened for a minute, then looked around the corner at the southern door of the church. It was closed tight and locked from the outside. There was no other door, and it seemed as though the chanter had been locked inside to carry on this practice in seclusion, perhaps for a long time. The energy was profound and powerful as though he could have been going at it for quite awhile already.

    Allen left to continue photographing the midline path we were taking. Soon after, I also left and began walking towards the nearby grove of trees where the yellow room had stood. After about 20 steps or so, I stopped in my tracks because in the grass right at my feet there was an incredible something. I had walked directly to it. I gasped at the sight of it, and stood staring at it for awhile without having any thought about it whatsoever. It remained an arresting, alive presence without any name. I called Allen over, and when he came he took some photos of it. There was no practical reason why this metal object would be here in this field of grass. Yet it was not randomly placed, or casually thrown here. It seemed entirely independent, as if it had made its way here itself. Yet it also fit perfectly within its environment. I never stopped being surprised by it.

    It’s made entirely of metal. It has an elegant form, and now that I try to describe it rather than just experience it, it’s easy to say that it has a resemblance to a small animal stretched out at length, or perhaps a snake – the “head” is cobra-like. But at the time, even when I eventually picked it up, it remained so strong in and of itself that it had no resemblance to anything.

    Earlier on in the day we had been wondering about the objects that we were finding along the midline, speculating that they may have originated from anywhere in the Giant’s body before moving into this midline which flows up and down through all the Giant’s chakras. We both agreed that this object had come from the root chakra

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