Trident flower

picked up by En inside wild flower field in throat

En Writes:    Jo and I were walking through the overgrown field in the throat chakra. We were looking at the plants, marvelling at how many different species there are in this one small area, being drawn to one clump of flowers, then to another here and there throughout the field. Eventually we came to a tall stand of chamomile – taller than any chamomile I’d ever seen. Lots of flowers in bloom. We walked around the dense patch and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, this trident-shaped stalk that had an open flower on the end of each point. It was not the tallest stem – it was tucked lower down into the bunch, but with enough of a clear space around it that it was singing it’s own song, so to speak. We saw each other. Quickly and surely. I picked it and brought it with me. By this time we had wandered quite close to the top of the field where the other folks on this walk were sitting on the rail fence. So the last thing I did in the field, after all that moving about, just before joining the others, was to pick this stem.


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